just got home from the reggie and the full effect show

oh my gOD

we were first in fuckin line and held our spot in front the whole show

dewees held sammy’s hand then later on kissed me on the cheek (LOOK AT THAT!! LIPS!!!!)

my feet are destroyed as well as the boots i wore to the show but i really really don’t care

that was intense as fuck i’m still in shock over it all

we got to dance on stage too!!! A LOT!!!

(if you were there and got video/photos of me, please send them my way? :D )

emopavus asked:

10, 15, 16, 17

[10] Is this like as in career wise? or like secret wise? I’ve always wanted to do like art therapy or maybe be a guidance counselor even tho I need a lot of guidance myself— to be honest my dreams change constantly ! !

[15] favorite… hmm.. this one has been my favorite for years but my song of the moment is this~~*~*

[16] I have comfort movies that I watch compulsively to make me feel better and those are: Hot Fuzz, ParaNorman and Moulin Rouge.