Breadheads by Cody Walzel

Terrifyingly fun little short. Don’t watch on an empty stomach?

codywalzel asked:

200 pages is a mountain! Is this the web comic with a panel a page you showed me last time? What program are you working in nowadays? I just got a cintique for crazy cheap off of craigslist, so my setup is nearing completion (if only I had a computer...) But I'm also trying to get back into traditional illustration. I'd really love to see some more traditional work of yours like the surrealist illustrations from high school. Advancing the series after years of growth would be an awesome sight.

Actually I was thinking of that just the other day! I think you are right, I should start working on that idea again, it’s been a few months since I really went all out on traditional art. Did you get a touchscreen cintiq, if so you have my absolute jealousy my friend, I’ve wanted one of those since high school! For programs I really haven’t changed at all with the exception of Paint tool Sai, which is like photoshop but makes WAY more sense in digital painting. I’ve really wanted to kinda branch out into some html and coding though, and I keep seeing amazing stuff made in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, so I think I’m gonna grab those when I can and see what I can do with them. But yeah it’s that comic I showed with the single panels, I set out my personal goal to make about two pages a day for my comic, and I’m getting it done. I haven’t seen too much from you but just from the stills you’ve posted it looks absolutely sick, I can’t wait to see the finished product, that big background shot you drew was absolutely sick!

artists and animators who inspire me

Bold is for an animator/someone who works in the industry. (storyboarder on steven universe) (studied at gobelins interested in VD) (character design/storyboarder on bojack horseman) (Animation studio) (background painter on Steven Universe) (story artist at disney) (animation studio) (VD + character designer) (this artist guys!) (THIS PERSON) (YUS!) (animator/character designer i think?) (background artist for animation) (awesome cut paper artist) (amazing stuff) (VD + storyboarding) (you will love the pug, Maiya) (mysterious blog with animated gifs) / (HAS A PATREON (storyboard) (VD) (VD working at paramount pictures) (VD) (VD) (VD) (yup) (storyboard/illustrator) (I think) (graphic designer) (Natasha Allegri - Bee and Puppycat - Animator) (animator/illustrator/VD) (gifs/illustrations)