anonymous said:

how do you think cody is going to do with the whole baby thing!

Personally, I think he’s scared shitless right now. But why wouldn’t he be? Every guy who is about to meet their precious newborn daughter would be scared shitless. But cody is one of the strongest guys I have ever met. He took a bad situation and made it good. In his situation, most guys would run off like a coward. Not Cody though. Cody took the situation into his own hands and took control. He has been there for Steph every single step of the way and has defended her honor on multiple occasions. Cody is going to be the best father ever to the little girl. That little girl is so lucky to have a father like Cody. Somebody who will always stand up for her, will always be there for her, and somebody who will love her forever.

Also, Cody shows how strong he really is with all the shit that he gets. He doesn’t deserve on single bit of it and it gets to me when people hate on him. He’s helped me out so much in the past few weeks and to see people give him hate, are you kidding me? Cody is one of the nicest, most honest, most genuine guys I have ever met. He deserves the best in life and I know he will get the best with his little girl.

Long story short, I think Cody is going to do great.