The idea of this one is to generate a .pbm image file from a string. I used a font linked to save the trouble of converting letters to a 0 1 format myself. There are actually two things stopping my output from being a real .pbm right now, one being that I found letters written in 0s and 1s really hard to read so I put some replaceAlls before printing. The other is the space in the letters which again, I don’t mind right now for legibility, and they were built into the font. I think when I’m actually using this file to build an image (tomorrow) I’ll need to strip all the spaces out from the font when I read it in, but that’s not hard. 


Arterial by L’usine

From the Arterial EP (2014) on Ghostly International.

Running Women

High definition digital art by South Korean artist Minha Yang features a woman running in slow-motion, distorted beautifully with algorithms:

“Running Women” is the artwork made of numerous motion vectors that is generated by mathematical and physical algorithms. The moving image was taken by high speed camera and transformed into 129,600 vectors. These vectors are capable of controlling 2 million lines containing color characteristic values of rasterized moving images.

These regenerating and recombining processes applied exquisite visual modifications to the original video. The length of original video is 5 minutes long, and it is produced in 4K and 8K resolutions.

More Here



· 250px or 400px posts
· 5 custom links
· Pop up ask box
· Pagination
· Customisation on all colours
· Brighter image on hover option
· Show/hide permas option
· Custom header/background image 
· Round corners option
· Sidebar when scrolling option


important: you will have to edit a blurry version of your background so that special effect thing works or else you’ll have to just have normal background colours on the post, read below to learn how to do this if you don’t already know.

1. Go to picmonkey.com
2. Click edit and upload your background
3. Click the magic wand thingy
4. Scroll down until you see ‘Focal soften’
5. Put the settings like this

6. Pull the circle (the focused area) out of the image.
7. Click apply
8. Save!
9. Upload to your theme under ‘IMPORTANT blurred header’

And you’re done xx

So I have a lot of awesome bookmarks saved on my broser about how to make tumblr themes and learn html and css. I thought that sharing them may be useful for people who are getting into coding and for people who might want to learn even more about web design. Enjoy!

STEP BY STEP: Detailed tutorials and explanations [tumblr blogs]

  1. tumblr.com:custom_themes
  2. howtomakeasimpletheme
  3. themesbyeris
  4. buildthemes
  5. ettudis
  6. lmthemeslp-htt
  7. athenabilitythemes
  8. farahmir
  9. ladystigmata


  1. dash.generalassemb.ly/tumblr
  2. w3schools 
  3. codecademy
  4. learn.shayhowe
  5. html.net
  6. htmldog


  1. webdesign 
  2. youtube: theme making playlist 
  3. learnhtmlin12minutes 


  1. takeable
  2. html-tutorials
  3. lmthemes
  4. thehandyblog
  5. academyoftumblr
  6. thetutorialsblog
  7. theme-hunter

I will be updating this list so feel free to send me any other links. 

TAGS PAGE  preternatural, made by htmlpsycho


✖ 8 category headings

✖ Infinite links in each category (automatic scroll box)

✖ Sidebar links and description

✖ Sidebar bottom image

✖ Tittle on topbar  

✖ Search box


✖ Do NOT use as a base code

✖ Do NOT take parts of the code to make your own theme

✖ Do NOT remove the credit

✖ You are allowed to edit the code as long as it’s for personal use but do NOT redistribute.


Please, like | reblog if using. Thank you.


Real Faces

Student coding project by Rory Campbell and Dave Mun is a 3D browser-based teleconference environment with a unique personalized feature - your avatar head is your personal webcam feed. The video embedded below is a presentation but the sound quality is very low:

Real Faces is a 3D video conferencing app that aims to make internet communication as real as life.

Real faces was built with two goals in mind. To counter some of the difficulties we had found in large group video conferencesand to explore new possibilities in combining WebRTC and WebGL technologies.

Some of the ideas here doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to teleconferencing, but this certainly highlights directions the web can go …

Whilst not slick, you can try out examples at the project website here


· Show/hide captions
· Show/hide tags
· 2/3 columns
· Optional faq (up to 6 questions)
· Optional updates boxes (they an be part of the sidebar or in a complete own box under the sidebar, you can choose)
· Custom colours on everything
· Custom background and sidebar image
· Popup ask box (and faq if chosen)
· Visitor can select several columns or one column
· Back to top button