This is the beginnings of a blanket featuring my boyfriend’s favorite video game character, Megaman. I wanted to have it done for his birthday at the end of the month but in order to do that I’d have to crochet about 50 squares a day! Not to mention all the time I’m going to spend sewing it together. This is going to be made out of over 1,000 2-inch crocheted squares and it took over 100 squares just to make his head.

I’ve been doing this in secret and telling my boyfriend that I’m just making all these squares to try some new patchwork-like designs so it’s nice to finally be able to share this!

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1. If you could travel to one place on the planet, where would you go?

An island no one had ever been to before

2.  If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh damn. Uhh. Sunkist…?

3. If you were a Starbucks drink size, what size would you be?

Large because I’m too much awesome for most people to handle

4. Silver or gold?
Wait wait, you gotta tell me if you mean jewelry or $$$

5. If you could have a one night stand with anyone, who would it be?

The hard hitting questions, I see. Probably Wesley Stromberg.

6. Favorite movie?
Lord of the Rings, hands down

7. Worst job you’ve ever had?

The one I’m working right now. Cashier.

8. if you were going colourblind, save one colour, what colour would you pick?

*cliche time* Brad’s eye color

9. First video game you ever played?

Probably Sonic? Sonic or Digimon World

10. Favorite candle scent?

The kind of coconut nonsense my mom’s got burning right now

11. Favorite season?

Spring, but only if it’s the “warm-ish days with a cool breeze” type of spring. “I will melt your eyeballs and then gift you with a lukewarm breeze” type spring is a no-go

My Questions (U rdy 4 this, guise):

1. What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever touched?

2. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done to yourself?

3. Favorite Disney movie?

4. If you could be the leader of one country, which would it be?

5. Ever mispronounced a word and no one told you about it until it was the most mortifying situation possible?

6. Favorite fandom?

7. Do you take vitamins?

8. Do you wave a social justice flag for any reason?

9. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

10. Favorite animal?

11. On a scale of one to I’d Rather Not, how intrigued are you by the idea of skinny dipping under the moonlight?

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First of all I was tagged by thehugertrinity, which is possibly my favorite Holy Trinity blog because she is not crazy fangirly (not into it, no offense to the other blogs as I love you guys too!) I’m lazy so I’m just going to use her questions. I aim high. Her questions were:

1. Where would you shop if you were given as much money as you wanted to buy anything you want from one place?
I think the obvious answer would be modcloth, Allegra k, or pinup girl clothing. All online shops. Figures.

2. Would you consider becoming a Youtuber?
I actually want to SO BADLY but the timing is just not right for me. I don’t live in a very calm or supportive environment, but I plan on starting when my boyfriend and I move out. He is EXTREMELY Supportive of me wanting to do YouTube. I write music, but I am leaning toward wanting to be a beauty guru. My best friend randa and I have awesome collab ideas and I can’t wait. It helps that we’re both professional cosmetologists.

3. Favorite Youtuber?
I really can’t pick. I mean, livelavalive is what got me started so there’s that, but then I got into SO many other youtubers. I can’t decide. So many have impacted my life in such a positive way. I want CTFxC daily, I binge Grace Helbig on the weekends. Mike falzone and Meghan tonjes are a few favorites… Obviously I’m a part if the Holy Trinity fandom (admittedly a Hannah hart fangirl). Grav3yardgirl is a new love, too!

4. What do you get nerdy about?
Lord of the rings and magic the gathering, if you wanna get weird. If not, music and cosmetology. I love talking shop about guitars and mica. Mmmm.

5. What’s the longest you’ve ever been awake?
Close to 50 hours. Bout if legit stress induced insomnia. It was terrifying and not fun.

6. What language do you really want to learn?
German is on top of my list, because of my foreign exchange sister. Japanese, Spanish, French… All of the languages. Language is fucking beautiful. Sign language too
7. Is/was high school a good experience for you?
Fuck no. Cheer up, kids. High school is NOT the best years of your life. Hang in there.

8. Who would you go on a road trip with? It can be anyone you desire.
Honestly? Just my Randa. We’d have a fucking blast.

9. When did you start Tumblr?
Jesus. Three-four years ago?

10. Who was the first Youtuber you started watching?
Livelavalive and kylesnexusone. Miss seeing Kyle on there so much.

11. Is there a theme park you really wish to go to right now?
I have NEVER been to Disney World…

Then thehugertrinity tagged me with these Qs:

Do/did you have any pets, if so what were they like?
I have a cat and three hermit crabs. I want a dog so bad.

Where is your favourite place in the world?
I haven’t traveled enough to be able to properly answer this.

Who is someone that can make you laugh no matter what?
Levi and Randa, hands down. Greatest people you will ever meet.

Favourite band?
Mumford and Sons, Brand New, Regina Spektor, the Dresden Dolls, Johnny Flynn.

Least favourite meal ever?
Enchiladas or anything with pork.

Thing you are most grateful for?
The ability I found in myself to overcome depression and surviving my attempts to end my life.

Biggest fear?
Spiders. Being stuck in this house with nowhere to go.

Favourite Youtube video?
Ze Frank ‘invocation for beginnings’. I cry every time. It’s exactly what I need when I’m down.

An outfit that makes you feel good?
My pin up dress. I feel so sexy in it.

Night or day and why?
Night. Always. It’s so peaceful.

And I’m going to tag: