lovinglytrusting asked:

uh for your miyusawa au thing (i think??) can u uh write an au with sawamura's and miyuki's personalities switched?

(Because I know it’s unclear, they are playing in a three-legged race here. idk.)


Miyuki feels his skin heat up slightly, a warm flush starting to creep up the back of his neck where Sawamura’s arm is slung hot and heavy. “Oi,” he calls out, voice a little muffled under the weight of Sawamura’s arm, a little shaky for reasons he can’t quite explain. “Is this any way to treat your senpai?” he grumbles.

Sawamura laughs, breath warm and fluttery against Miyuki’s ear as he tightens his hold. “Don’t tell me you’re still sore about that.” He curls his fingers into the collar of Miyuki’s shirt, presses a little closer against Miyuki’s hip. “It’s fine,” he says, voice easy and relaxed, laced with laughter and as confident as ever. “It’s fine, isn’t it?” Sawamura’s voice is lilted, pitched upwards towards the end like a half question half challenge.

When Miyuki tilts his face up to look at Sawamura, he can see the corners of his mouth turned up, curled in amusement, eyes bright and shining. It’s a little aggravating the easy way Sawamura seems to be approaching all of this, the way he manages to maneuver Miyuki into position so easily, the lackadaisical grace he seems to possess while Miyuki flounders for balance with his right leg bound to Sawamura’s left.

His knees and hips are still stinging from the fall he took when Sawamura had suddenly jolted to a stop, sending Miyuki sprawling to the ground while he loomed over him with a manic smile and ringing laugh. Miyuki scowls at the memory, fingers pressing gingerly to the tender skin around his hips, starts to open his mouth to complain when Sawamura’s hand presses against his chest. “We make good partners, right?” His smile is the brightest thing around, all blinding confidence around a flash of teeth. A shimmering glint catches his eyes and his smile takes on an edge but is no less bright when he says, “I told you, we’ll win.” His mouth twists a bit sharper. “Just follow my lead.”


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