Quick fact about Rob Evans (@robejamesevans): The Average chest size for a male model is 36”; Rob’s chest size is 44” and is shirtless in most of his pictures because he cannot fit the shirts. Now that’s a problem we can all agree with! Find out what other awesome traits about this model/host made him our Cocoa Kiss of the Week! #RobEvans #CocoaKiss #TeenDiaries

COCOA KISS OF THE WEEK | If you’re an avid high school basketball fan or even someone who’s generally in tune with the basketball scene, Trevon Duval is a familiar name. The young superstar sophomore from Newark, New Jersey is definitely someone on our radar due to the fact that’s he’s totally killing the game right now — especially in his point guard position. Visit to learn more about @trey_duval! #CocoaKiss #MCM #TeenDiaries

COCOA KISS OF THE WEEK | Los Angeles born @myanthonylewis had music deep-rooted in him from a young age. This r&b heartthrob’s dream is to continue making timeless music and that’s exactly what he plans to do. Visit to learn more about the “Candy Rain” singer! #CocoaKiss #AnthonyLewis #ALewis #TeenDiaries

COCOA KISS OF THE WEEK | Were you just as mesmerized as we were when this week’s Cocoa Kiss Curtis Fields (@TheCurtisFields) appeared on screen strumming a tune from his iPhone at the 2013 BET Awards? It was unbelievable! Struggling to make his dream come true, with no money, Curtis used his iPhone to make his songs and beats. As you’ll soon hear, the Alabama native’s style of music is relaxing, crisp, clean, and feel good. He describes his genre of music as “funk-rock-soul”, a mixture he put together. Curtis goes far to show that he’s nothing close to being just another singer with a dream. He’s determined to make his dreams come true. Visit to learn more about this week’s Cocoa Kiss! #CurtisFields #CocoaKiss #MusicMonday

COCOA KISS OF THE WEEK | In today’s day and age, we crave more conscious rappers. Rappers who tell melodic stories about real world problems and bring awareness to worldly issues can be a huge benefit to society. This week’s Cocoa Kiss Luke Christopher is right on time. Visit to learn more about the LA based rapper. #LukeChristopher #Music #CocoaKiss #TeenDiaries

With their already large amount of Tumblr followers, funny friends Tyler Boyce (aka Ronene Shaniqua Jones Carter) and Elianiel Clinton (aka Shamina Tamina Fafina Johnson) had no trouble getting views on their comedic youtube videos. Not only are they attractive, they have that natural ability to make anyone laugh. Their videos are a little “ratchet”, but that’s what makes them funny. 17 year-old Eli and 19 year-old Tyler have been close friends for quite awhile and their chemistry together in the videos is what also makes them enjoyable to watch. The two Jersey natives are talented and humble and take pride in lifting people’s spirits. Want to know how all the videos got started and more about the guys? Visit to reas an exclusive interview with the duo. #TeenDiaries #CocoaKiss #comedy #funny @theadventuresof_ @ohyeahitseli

COCOA KISS OF THE WEEK: Say hello to our newest obsession, @MPrynt. The Motown recording group from Philadelphia is composed of four guys named Budda (@buddaofmprynt), Rael (@raelofmprynt), Tyce (@tyceofmprynt), and Faheem (@fahofmprynt). MPrynt first rose to fame from their covers and out of this world arrangement of popular songs on YouTube. The group is currently in the process of creating their own original music for their upcoming debut LP. Teen Diaries recently chatted with the rising group. Visit to pick which member will be your number one crush! Written By: Kendria, 22 (@k_lafleur) #MPrynt #Motown #NewMusic #Music #TeenDiaries #CocoaKiss

COCOA KISS OF THE WEEK | The Golden Life Clothing is a very stylish clothing line coming up out of Detroit, Michigan that was created by Demetrius Harmon a.k.a. “Meech”. @MeechOnMars is a 14 year-old who believes #TheGoldenLifeClothing is much bigger than just a clothing brand; it’s a lifestyle. Visit to learn why he is the perfect pick for this week’s Cocoa Kiss! #Designer #Clothes #Fashion #Cocoakiss

COCOA KISS OF THE WEEK | While scrolling through instagram, we came across a very talented young artist named @JovanCarby and instantly appointed him as this week’s Cocoa Kiss. The Atlanta based rapper, who is 18 years old, fell in love with hip-hop at a young age. After listening to his song “Premeditated”, we realized that his music is not only real, but sincere. Visit to learn more about this week’s talented teen! #JovanCarby #CocoaKiss #TeenDiaries

COCOA KISS OF THE WEEK | With soulful sounds falling off the charts lately, we’re in definite need for good R&B artists who actually care about their work. This week’s Cocoa Kiss Siergio is the one to look out for with his amazing soulful voice and his eagerness to bring back that deep and passionate sound that we all yearn for. Learn more about him at! #Sergio #TeenDiaries #CocoaKiss #CutesGuys

Peyton Silva, a proud member of the 2013 NCAA champion team the Louisville Cardinals, takes this week’s Cocoa Kiss spot. Find out why the handsome basketball player caught our eye! Visit #PeytonSilva #Basketball #NCAA #CocoaKiss # TeenDiaries @Peypeysiva