Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo introduces a unique Christmas Buche

Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo is proud to introduce a unique and revisited Christmas Buche. Imagined by the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo’s head pastry Chef Nicolas Baygourry, the Christmas Buche draws its inspiration from the design of the Eiffel cupola, creating a bold and surprising reinterpretation of the traditional Christmas dessert. Its rounded red vermilion base is adorned with fine spirals.…

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Ice Cream Cake With Oreo Cookies : Food Recipes

Here’s something that you can’t let your hands off. A mouth-watering dessert in the Food Recipes form of an ice cream cake with Oreo cookies, I bet you wouldn’t want be interested in the main course.

Ice cream Cake with Oreo cookies


Butter: 100 grams
Cocoa Powder: 2 tbsp
Powdered sugar: 2 tbsp
Orio cookies: 1 pack (remove the cream and grind it into a powder)
Parle cookies: 3 packs
Milk: ½ cup
Vanilla ice cream: 2 scoops

Silver Balls Butter for greasing


Mix butter, cocoa powder and powdered sugar together. Dip Parle cookies in milk and arrange it on a plate and make a square of 12 biscuits Apply cocoa mixture on those biscuits Follow the same procedure for the second layer of Parle cookies and cocoa mixture Make as many layers you want Refrigerate it for 2 hours Then cut into pieces; then place the cake in between two scoops of vanilla ice cream Garnish this wish crushed Oreo cookies and silver balls

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From now on I will have to go to work by bike, so I totally deserve this 😅
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*Monday, April 27, 2015*

*Breakfast to Go: Sausage & Biscuit, Cocoa Puffs Cereal Bars, Applesauce,
Milk and Juice*

*LUNCH: Chicken Rings, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Peaches, Chocolate
Chip Cookie and Milk*

*Only one milk comes with your meal. You will need to pay for second milk.*



*Get it together and remember where you put it.*

*Volleyball Skills and Drills Days: *

*Monday, May 18th 4:30 to 6:30*

*Tuesday, May 19th 4:30 to 6:30*

*Wednesday, May 20th 4:30 to 6:30 *

*Volleyball Tryout Days:*

*Thursday, May 21 4:30 to 6:30*

*Friday, May 22 4:30 to 6:30*


*Monday: *

*Tuesday: *

*Wednesday: *




Name: Ital d'Oro Fior di Cacao ✿ Cantuccini con Cioccolato

Info: cantuccinichocolate chip

Packaging: pretty.

Smell & appearance: nice cocoa smell; 50 of them ✿ biscuit, cocoa; quite intense.

Taste & texture: very nice tasting biscuits, but a bit hard ✿ crunchy, lovely tasting biscuits; chocolate chips add a lovely touch.

Bought on: October 22, 2012 ✿ December 20, 2012

From: Lidl


Name: Nestlé Milk Chocolate Biscuits

Smell: milk, cocoa, biscuit, very nice ✿ biscuit, milk cocoa ✿ pleasant cocoa & cookie flavours.

Taste: pleasant chocolate ✿ pleasant ✿ nice.

Texture: crispy biscuit, slightly waxy chocolate ✿ slightly waxy chocolate ✿ nicer feeling chocolate, crumbly inner cookie, soft heart.

Bought on: November 4, 2012 ✿ November 9, 2012

From: Auchan, real,-