Besaid Island (Final Fantasy X cocktail)

30 ml white rum (Bacardi Superior used)
30 ml watermelon liqueur (Marie Brizard Watermelon used)
1 lime (for lime juice and garnish)

Directions: Mix the rum and watermelon liqueur in a lowball glass over ice.  Squeeze in lime juice and add a lime wedge to the side as a garnish.  While this isn’t a drink you would order at a Blitzball match, it seems absolutely perfect for watching the Spira sunset on the beach.

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Taokaka (BlazBlue cocktail)

20 ml Malibu Black
20 ml Kahlua
Tapioca pearls/Boba

Directions: Add your desired amount of tapioca pearls to the bottom of a glass, then cover with Kahlua. Fill with milk almost to the top, then layer on the Malibu Black last.

"Squiggly Justice Tackle!" -Taokaka

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Metal Blade (Mega Man 2 cocktail)

30 ml Silver tequila (Camino Real used)
15 ml Pineapple liqueur (Ananas Garoeda Black Pineapple used)
15 ml Lime juice
1 Lime wheel

Directions: Rim a cocktail glass with sugar, for the “blade”.  Stir the liquid ingredients and strain into the glass.  Garnish with a lime wheel.  Serve and, when in doubt, hit that sucka with a Metal Blade!

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Iron Tager (Blazblue cocktail)

1 part Vodka (Stolichnaya used)
2 parts After Shock
Club soda

Directions: Mix your vodka and After Shock in a rocks glass over ice. Add the desired amount of soda on top and serve. 

Note: The recipe from calls for 10ml vodka and 20ml Aftershock. Seeing as the measurement of a shot is normally around 45ml, I feel something may have been lost in translation. I have put the measurements as parts to leave the actual amount up to the discretion of the drinker. 

"Gigantic Tager… Driver!"

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