So, some time ago I was asked to write a Cockles ficlet with protective!Jensen. Pregnant!Misha and a/b/o dynamics slipped in as well. I blush but here it is.

They’re filming 10x22 and Jensen isn’t happy at all.

The air on set was getting tense. In itself that was hardly unusual, especially after a long day of shooting and a handful of highly emotional scenes. But this was different; the whole set was getting a taste of Jensen’s low simmering but clearly present anger. Misha could see it in the increasingly tense line of his shoulders and smell it in the sharp scent which wasn’t a residue of Dean’s dark fury anymore. This was just Jensen and Misha knew exactly why.

“I’m fine,” he reminded him the moment the scene was cut and Jensen stalked towards him to help him up from the floor. While Misha knew that Jensen always trusted Misha’s judgment, he also knew that he tended not to trust the staff to know when it might be good to tone it down a bit. And Misha got it, appreciated someone looking out for him a lot more than he could make anyone understand.

So he let Jensen help him up and pat him down even though it was unnecessary. Barely a moment later he felt Jensen’s warm hands on his stomach, covering the noticeable curve. This didn’t happen often and Misha was fully aware of the set around them quieting down for a moment only to pick up activity again as everyone busied themselves in order not to stare at Jensen’s display of alpha protectiveness.

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In need of a beta~

Hello honey bees,

I need a beta to check a cockles fanfic I am in the process of writing. It will be my first fan fiction work and as English is my second language, Spanish being my first, I just want to make sure the story is well written.

So if any of you kind souls can help me with this, I will be profusely grateful. I also want to write for Destiel and Nagron so if you like those ships it would be a plus but not required (as long as you don’t hate them that is).

Much gratitude,



The cast of Supernatural getting a bit… *frisky*