Thinking about getting a bird?

That’s great! (So you think.)

I’ve been seeing more and more posts about people getting birds or thinking about getting a bird, and their seeming lack of knowledge scares me. I fear for these birds.

In the birblr community, it may seem like living with a bird is all grins and giggles because, let’s face it, they are adorable. But what we hide behind all the photos and videos of floofiness is all the painstaking effort we put into giving them a decent life.

These are some of the things you need to seriously consider before you buy a bird:

NUMBER 1: VERY IMPORTANT. Do you want your bird to fly?
If the answer is no, you should probably rule out birds as a potential pet. Seriously, do you really want to take away a natural ability from an animal that is so beneficial for their health for the sake of your entertainment? Perhaps you should consider a rabbit, a chinchilla, snakes, I don’t know. Something you can provide the best life for. If you are not willing to alter your life to fully provide for your pet, you’re looking at the wrong pet.

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Big eagle!

I’m totally going to teach my parakeet to do this.