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Welcome to FRIDAY FASHION FACT: Christmas Edition! Today we’re talking about the history of the iconic fur trimmed red Santa Suit. (Note: we are talking specifically about Santa Clause, not St. Nicholas who has been depicted in bishop’s garb for centuries.)

Most people believe that Coca Cola created the modern Santa suit, and while they did have a huge part in popularizing the image, it is not their creation (nor does the company claim that it is.)

In 1863, Thomas Nast created the “Santa Claus in Camp” drawing for Harper’s Weekly Magazine, depicting Santa in a night cap and fur jacket at a Union camp during the American Civil War, which was waging at the time. It is believed he may have been influenced by Clemente Clark Moore’s 1823 poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas, now known as 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. The poem features the line “He was dress’d all in fur, from his head to his foot,” as well as descriptions of Santa’s white beard and rosy cheeks. Throughout the remainder of the 19th Century, Nast built upon his image of Santa, depicting the suit in both red and occasionally green.

In the early 20th Century, other artists occasionally used Nast’s image of Santa as inspiration, with the red fur suit and white beard, but more or less as a normal man. The Coca Cola Company began to use Santa Claus in advertisements in the 1920s, in the same simple manner as any other company. However, in 1931, artist Haddon Sundblom pulled inspiration from both Nast’s images and Moore’s poem, and created the depiction of a jolly, plump, and rosy-cheeked beaming Santa for a Coke advertisement that appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, and the image took off. The rest is history!

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