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Hey Angela, do you think there is a Larry coca cola ad that they are waiting to publish?

I think that we’ve seen a sequence that has led to an enormous amount of fan anticipation and suspense–yes I do. We haven’t seen niam yet though. Poor niam, nobody ever thinks about them, shed a tear. :’(

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Do you think the first commercial with Harry and Louis lookalikes can count as a Larry ad? I was really hoping for a proper one

I think the way the sequence has been set up–Louis pairs and then Harry pairs–we’re supposed to be hoping for a larry one. We shall see!

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I forgot to talk about the Coca Cola ad campaign in my previous message. You here it is. I said Coca Cola signed the brand 1D not the individual. If Zayn is not part of 1D anymore he is not of any value to them. Of course he still a star and has a lot of value but the ad was/is for the brand 1D. So it won't matter to them that Zayn is not in their campaign because he is no longer 1D member now. But if Zayn was part of the campaign like Geri was, and then quit them halfway through, then (cont)

(cont) Then it’s a problem. Because they can’t have a campaign with 5 boys and half way through end up with just 4 boys. Cola Cola contracts run 2-3 years and the boys will have to do promos every now and then. So if Zayn was a part at one time, then they need him for all the rest. So far they haven’t shown Zayn at all, so it’s all good. I could be wrong and you could be right. But it’s still not a good idea to base a whole theory on a product deal. It’s just a product deal.

Brands don’t sign “One direction” and call it a day. They nominate every single members “a,b,c,d,& e ..known as One direction” it’s the “obligation” (don’t know how to translate that is english law terms) they are paying for. this technique protect coca cola from paying for “one direction” then have the puppet master replace them by Union J’s members over night (example).  Coca doesn’t pay for 1d they pay each person that together equal & represent the brand 1d, I don’t know how to explain it better in english law but writing a contract about a group of people without putting the members names simply can’t happen because it’s dangerous ( this case => geri/aws/spice girls is a legal precedent ) . yet nobody got sued (for misrepresentation, breach of contract and breach of warranty)  and both sides have been working on it for weeks or months . So it means that they knew. x


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