20th April - Day 6 at Leigh Park Best Western Hotel

Today was my sixth day and the start of my second week at the hotel, and it was very busy! First of all I arrived at the hotel at 7:50am, 10 minutes before my shift showing I am punctual. I wore my hair in a ponytail with minimal make up, black shirt, black trousers and black ballet shoes showing I adhered the employees dress code and adhered (COC1) because I dressed accordingly and smartly. I began the day at breakfast and completed the normal duties during breakfast. Once everything from breakfast was cleared away I then had to start setting the tables up for a wake at 1:00pm which had 70 people attending. After the tables were set up me and Chris the senior deputy manager went to the cellar where we had to stock check wines which the hotel doesn’t use anymore in their wine list but are going to sell for their guests to have. I had to record the names of the wines which were a mixture of red, white and rose, and then count how many there were. I recorded the wines in a tally chart, showing my organisational skills. After this was done we then recorded the prices of the bottles from old wine lists or if they weren’t on the list we priced them at a similar price to a wine that’s similar and on the wine list.

Then at 12:30pm guests started arriving, therefore I started putting cups and coasters out for the guests, jugs of ice water, tea, coffee and milk, and then bowls of sugar. Once the drinks were done I had to wait until 1:00pm for the food as it wasn’t ready to put out at the time so I went to the bar area and asked Chris if I could help out, which he agreed to and let me serve guests drinks at the bar, I had to be under his supervision it was quite fun and showing my willingness to try new tasks. Then when it was 1:00pm I started putting out food for the finger buffet. I then spent the next two hours tidying up used plates and glasses from the guests, topping up the jugs of drinks and food and taking orders from guests for alcoholic and soft drinks. During the wake I tried to make conversation with some of the guests and had some jolly conversations with quite a few of the guests, this shows my demonstration of a positive attitude (COC4). Once the guests had all left I then spent the rest of my shift tidying up after the wake and setting up the restaurant for dinner later on in the day. Today I showed determination, motivation and confidence. Tomorrow I hope to work on being organised and how I can develop organisation into my duties on FOH.