Happy Birthday, Sarah Rees Brennan, born 21 September 1983

Nine Quotes

  1. Real life is sometimes boring, rarely conclusive and boy, does the dialogue need work.
  2. I write a chapter plan, constructing plot with several helpful critique partners, and I try to follow it. I think the hardest part of writing a novel is the middle part, where you don’t remember why you started and can’t imagine how you’re going to finish.
  3. Before I was published, I really had no idea what  being published entailed: how suddenly I would have to learn, and come to care passionately about, covers and distributions and awards and what hills to die on when you’re editing and how to coax marketing departments and promotional items, and so much else I never dreamed of. It’s like a life-long apprenticeship: you keep on learning. Be ready for the learning!
  4. Write what you want to read. Real enthusiasm sets other people on fire too – and that creates trends.
  5. Think about what your characters want, and what they’re going to get.
  6. Read, a huge amount, and everything you can lay your hands on, in your genre and out.
  7. I have a sort of nebulous audience! A mythical, magical THEY who never really bear any resemblance to the readers I actually have. But I sit there cackling and going ‘THEY will be so upset’ and ‘I hope THEY love this part like I do!’
  8. Find writers who write what you write, with what you feel is a similar sensibility – find out who their agents are (it’ll be in the back of their books) and submit to them!
  9. Horrible things often happen in children’s fiction. Parents have about the same life expectancy as a little piggy in a straw house. But children’s fiction is a genre with a lot of hope in it, a promise of resilience, and in the end, I hold with neither fire nor ice. I am a sucker for a happy ending.

Brennan is an Irish writer. She is best known for young-adult fantasy fiction. She is the author of The Lynburn Legacy and The Demon’s Lexicon series.

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by Amanda Patterson for Writers Write


She painted. She had a little success. She died. I should hate her story but it seems to me exemplary. She made exactly enough space in her life to set her easel down. The push for honesty in her work is amazing; the way she painted the light hitting the side of a brown teapot, or the slope of a mansard roof. I look at her sad, frank-eyed portraits of herself and of other women, and think if that is what the truth looks like, then she was painting a losing game.

But she did not compromise. She worked with her elbows stuck out, jabbing them both in the eye: on one side her brother Augustus, with his lifestyle and his fame and his sentimental line, and on the other, Auguste, the genius, his lecherous old hands coaxing flesh from stone.

She stood in the middle, looking straight at her subject: Gwen.

"My hero: Gwen John" by Anne Enright

anonymous said:

what is your best friend like? :) i'd assume you keep magical company

my god i’m glad you asked cuz i am getting really sick of talking about myself heh. she is absolutely the most vibrant girl i have ever met. we’ve been friends for 11 years. she is my opposite in most ways but we clicked instantly, a talkative extrovert whereas i am quiet and introverted, logical and practical whereas i am dreamy and creative, she is earnest and believes the best in everyone whereas i am more guarded, but it’s so wonderful how she’s like that. she always makes you feel like the most special important person in the world. the dynamic works extraordinarily well because she is so generous and nurturing, and i am sort of distant and withdrawn and i disappear without warning, but even if she doesn’t understand it she always patiently waits for me to come back or gently coaxes me out of hiding. i appreciate it more than she’ll ever know. on the other hand she needs encouragement and for somebody not to take advantage of her giving nature, which i never ever do. what we have in common is that we’re both really passionate people, i don’t think i could ever be friends with a person who was “lukewarm” if you know what i mean. goodness i wrote a novel, is it terribly obvious that i adore her?

+coalxintoxpearls. past!verse. The Eye Of The Storm.


The day before she was to turn twelve years old, Portia Amarall had to change foster homes. Again. Her last placement had failed, as well as the many others before, and this time, she was convinced that she wasn’t going to another family.

Social workers had parked outside of the house and were trying to coax her out of the car, but she wasn’t budging.

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My muse has shut themselves in a closet out of anger/fear. What will your muse say to coax them out?

"Falcor, you’re being ridiculous," Safiya said, her patience wearing thin. "You have thirty seconds to come out of there before I set it on fire."

tiggysworld replied to your post:coolfayebunny replied to your post “How Benedict…

Why did chapter 12 ever do to 13 that it has to wait for it?

Well, 13 has to be written. So it needs to be coaxed out of my head. I’m not saying I take bribes….but. I take bribes.

I write 13 before 12 goes to Beta, so in case something catastrophic happens and I need to…in theory, I have an extra chapter written, it also helps me know where to go…

And let me tell you, 12 is super cute.

So…just. saying…Bribes work.


Reddit's having a hard time over what happened today... (author: CarryYourDongers)

[Season 2 Prediction]

S2 opens sometime later with Inaho incapacitated with Yuki-nee next to his bed. She rest a bowl of blended eggs and a note that reads “Get well Naoh-kun” on his bed tray. The slushy gruel makes a mess of Inaho’s face as Yuki force feeds him through a straw with an empty expression on her face. Inko comes into the room her footsteps crinkling the dusting of small paper notes covering the entire floor. She coaxes Yuki out of the room with a calm voice,

"’Yuki? You shouldn’t skip your breakfast’".

Yuki drapes herself over Inaho’s bed continuing to force the puree into his face. Inko takes the note off on the trap and places it on Inaho’s bedside table. She leads the distraught Yuki out of the room,

"’how about we visit him a bit later’".

Yuki, with her head hanging, tweaks her head in a way that seem that she’s gesturing a nod. Partially down the hallway, through the ambient vibration from the ship’s engine, Yuki’s voice cuts in;

"’N-naoh-kun needs more e-eggs for lunc—’".

Drawing Yuki closer to her chest Inko and in a comforting tone says,

"Inaho will be fine if we find a substitute for eggs just this once".

A crash comes for Inaho’s hospital room. Yuki and Inko burst through the door to see the hospital bed capsized and medical equipment dispersed across the floor. Nothing but inaudible gasp and groans escape Inaho’s lungs. They frantically attempt to pull the tube out of his nostril. After a fit of coughing and hacking Inaho pulls both of their head close and whispers into Yuki and Inko’s inner ears.

“‘There’s no substitute for eggs’”.

Simultaneously the panties of every woman, of both Earth and Vers, drop. His words concur every womb planting the seed of future egg enthusiast. Our Alpha as fuck Eggs-kun reaches to the carton of eggs hidden underneath his bedside table. Inaho eats the raw eggs, shell and all. His childhood friend and sister fawning over his, one hundred percent egg diet, toned body; while wearing their 2Lewd4u combat suits. The inferior Terran and Martian race are exiled to cold as fuckplouto, excluding all of those who are not bearing his Alpha Race Gary Stu children. The war is ended and Inaho welcomes all women and the resurrected Count Crouton (for BDSM & Brojobs) into his harem.

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Pike betrayed Spock once. And never again. After another mission gone wrong, after more lost crew members to grief – Pike choose to cope with the only way he knew – to get drunk. So the next time on shore leave he got drunk in a shady bar. The night was a blur and he woke up to a dark-haired, pale partner which wasn’t Spock. (part1)

 Surprisingly Spock wasn’t angry with him, Boyce was – he called Pike a fool and an idiot, yelled at him for driving the only good thing in his life away. Spock.. Spock wasn’t angry. Spock didn’t say anything. Spock remained silent. And somehow it was worse. Pike knew that Spock thought that it was his fault, that he wasn’t enough for Christopher. Which wasn’t true. Spock was everything. (whole prompt)

- -

The silence stretched for hours, days, then weeks. No matter how hard Pike tried to coax a response from Spock, the Vulcan never said a word.

He kept living in their shared quarters, and they kept eating their dinners together in the living area, but it just wasn’t the same. Sometimes, Pike got the distincr impression that they were never going to be the same again.

For a start, they never talked like they used to do – or at least, Spock never did.

Pike spoke about what had happened, begged forgiveness infinite times, gave the Vulcan small gifts, tried all the silly jokes he could think about to make him laugh and even cooked his favorite meal twice in a single week.

Spock never said anything. He just stared, face blank.

He would sit down at the table and chew on his food, without even really tasting it, eyes unfocused. He would slid under the blankets of their bed and turn his back to Chris, facing the wall in front of him, and wouldn’t kiss him goodnight anymore. He would still brush his teeth in the bathroom with the captain, but he wouldn’t mind him playfully stealing his toothpaste and shoo his hand away anymore.

He was unresponsive, and Pike was worried. For an angry Spock, a shouting Spock, an emotional Spock, he could bear him. An apathetical Spock – no, it was way worse.

Depressed, the captain thought one morning, almost three weeks after that night, watching him during breakfast, with those black hair and that porcelain skin, marked by dark bags under the gloomy, unseeing eyes.

The thought made him run to SickBay without even finishing his coffee, regardless of the fact that Boyce was so angry at him that they’d not talked since the morning when he awoke next to the dark-haired woman.

“Spock’s depressed,” he exclaimed as soon as he stepped into the doctor’s private office.

Boyce, who was reading some medical articles from his PADD, glanced up at him briefly.

“Well, what did you expect? You fucked up the most important relationship of the kid’s life ‘cause you can’t keep your dick in your pants,” he said, coldly.

“Listen Phil -”

“It’s Dr Boyce for you, from now on”

“Okay then, Dr Boyce, listen to me, dammit!” the man shouted. “I know I fucked up. I know I’m an idiot, I don’t need you to remind me of what I’ve done. Believe it or not, I’d erase that night if I could, I would never get drunk and sure as hell I wouldn’t cheat on Spock. I feel like shit for that”

“Good, ‘cause you are a piece of shit, Captain, let me tell you”

“But that’s not the point! The point is, Spock’s depressed; he’s, like, fading away from me, slipping through my fingers, and I don’t know how to stop him!” Chris said, voice cracking.

Boyce looked at him once again, but his sharp gaze was now a bit softer, his eyes sad instead of furious.

“You can’t stop him. The kid is… broken. He blames himself for what happened, thinks he wasn’t enough for you, and this is eating him up from the inside. No matter how hard you try, or how many times I tell him that it’s not his fault – yes, I’ve told him exactly that, more than once, and I did it ‘cause I wanna see him happy once again, mind me, not because of you – he still thinks he’s the one to blame,” the doctor explained.

Pike looked at him, disbelief clear on his face.

“How could it be his fault? I am the one who screwed up,” he murmured, and left the office without waiting for a response Boyce surely couldn’t give him.

Ukraine Coaxes Its Ancient, Giant Seaplanes Back Into the Air

At least two Be-12s still functional

The Soviet Union designed the Beriev Be-12 seaplane in the late 1950s to hunt NATO submarines. Improving enemy air defenses doomed the slow, ungainly amphibian in that role, so it switched to patrol and search and rescue. [More at War Is Boring]

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"Come on. Stay awake. Don't you dare leave me now."

Everything seemed to be spinning as Shyvana lay on the ground, the soft grass transforming into a sick red color.  She had recalled attempting to wash out a wound in a nearby river and somewhere in the middle of that she must have collapsed.  The burning wound in her abdomen felt oddly numbed as she teetered on the brink of blacking out.  

Right when the Half-Dragon was about to give herself up to the darkness, she heard a voice calling out to her, coaxing her to remain conscious despite the pain.  Her breaths were shallow, but through all the happenings she wondered… just who was calling out to her?  

"W-Who…?"  her voice broke slightly, attempting to make out the figure with her blurry, half open eyes.  

( rushofthetides )

Rebirth | Reincarnation AU [Ludger/Victor OPEN]

"For you, I would bring down the heavens on this earth;
For you, for you, I would even trust the devil for rebirth.”  
                                                               ~ Rebirth by Poets of the Fall

        Thirty years after the gates to Canaan were opened….


        “Late again, I see,” Lucien Svent coaxed the tension from his
        temples with his fingertips, hoping to alleviate the first onset
        of a migraine before it reached detrimental proportions. Didn’t
        these interns understand the significance of the work they so
        carelessly blew off? Spyrite fever had consumed the the world
        of Elympios now and it was all thanks to the work done right here
        at Helioborg by his father and Jude Mathis in conjunction with
        their fellow researchers who tirelessly pursued new avenues
        in the field, sought and excavated new fossils, researched
        new ways to bond and strengthen pacts between Elympians
        and their companions, and so much more.

        But that work wasn’t going to get anywhere with interns who
        couldn’t even be courteous enough to show up on time.

        A sigh; he tucked his clipboard under his arm. He knew that the
        aging Doctor Mathis would only smile and laugh it off and, as
        per usual, pat the young researcher on the back and tell him that he
        was far too stuck-up for his own good, but it was the principle of the
        thing and someone had to maintain a semblance of order around here.
        Which is why when the door opened he turned about briskly, the tail of
        his white lab coat fluttering in his wake, and offered his must
        disapproving glare to the newcomer.

        “And what is it this time? Goblins ate your alarm clock?”



  • if you did not know this already, anna is severely aquaphobic ( aquaphobia is the persistent and abnormal fear of water ), a fear caused by the time she spent at the nanakamodo research center, where she was nearly drowned several times in order to ‘strengthen her synchronization abilities’ so that she could synch with the dresden slate and become the blue king ( which is why she is so paranoid when she’s anywhere near gold territory & gold clansman & fORTUNATELY [ hover for spoiler ], but i’ll talk about that more later. ) because of this fear, she does not know how to swim, and will probably never learn how to swim unless she is coaxed into it and taught by someone she trusts completely, and even then she might cling to that person until they pry her off of them. she completely fine when only her feet is in the water ( waist-deep is pushing it and is an utter no-no, aND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SHOULDER-DEEP ). therefore, do not ever throw her into the water ( open sea or pool, it doesn’t matter ) without prior warning –– she may freak out, oR EVEN WORSE, DROWN ( aND THAT WOULD SUCK ).
  • thanatophobia is the fear of death, dying, and being dead ( yes, anna is afraid of dying, and that is somewhat weird considering she is so protective of/willing to die for the people she loves to the point of having a bit of a martyr complex ). this fear, like her aquaphobia, was caused ( partially ) by her near death experiences at nanakamodo ( nanakamodo affected her so much /sobs all over the place gdi why this ). this fear has somewhat intensified since she’s became the red king, as there are only three ( known ) ways for kings to die: by the hands of another king, by overusing their aura and having their swords of damocles fall on them and destroy sections of cities/people/etc. in the process, or by natural causes ( such as sickness & old age u w u ). she’s less afraid of the latter, to be honest. her sword of damocles is her primary concern, as she is aware of how much destruction it can cause, and how many lives it would end ( including the lives of her clansmen ). to die by the hands of another king means to leave loved ones behind to suffer over your loss, and she does not want anyone to hurt over her. she’s also afraid of losing a loved one.
  • philophobia is the fear of falling in love or being in love or being loved, a fear that stems from her fear of losing a loved one ( and the harbinger thing that i’ve explained 1,938,382 times already ), wHICH WAS based off of her time at the nanakamodo center ( both of her parents were murdered because of it ) & recent events ( if you are in the k project fandom, you know exactly what i’m talking about ). it’s also the ‘newest’ fear as seen here. i honestly debated whether or not i wanted to include this, so all i can say about it right now is that it’s simply her being paranoid. it’s not  severe –– it’s mostly a nagging feeling/dread in the back of her mind.
  • isolophobia is the fear of being alone, scotophobia is the fear of being blind ( ? ), blah blah blah, i think these are pretty self-explanatory.

mental illnesses.

  • post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress typically involving disturbance of sleep and constant vivid recall of the experience, with dulled responses to others and the outside world. ptsd may develop after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events, such as sexual assault, warfare, serious injury, or threats of imminent death. lIKE EVERYTHING ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE, anna’s ptsd developed after the nanakmodo incident. this is what causes her paranoia towards usagi/usagi territory/anything usagi related really. it’s gotten a bit better, but it’s still pretty severe, which says a lot.  
  • dysthymia/persistent depressive disorder is a mood disorder consisting of the same cognitive and physical problems as in depression, with less severe but longer-lasting symptoms, and often co-occurs with other mental disorders. anna’s dysthymia stems from her post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • chronic insomnia is a sleep disorder in which there is an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep as long as desired, and is most often thought of as both a sign and symptom that can accompany many psychiatric disorders ( such as ptsd & dysthymia ). anna’s insomnia is further worsened by the fact that she sometimes has night terrors/nightmares, and is inherently a light sleeper. sometimes she turns to sleeping pills; other times, she simply reads a book or two to pass the time.  
  • anna is also prone to panic attacks ( periods of intense fear or apprehension of sudden onset accompanied by at least four or more bodily or cognitive symptoms ( id est, heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, or feelings of unreality ) and of variable duration from minutes to hours ) that stem from her post-traumatic stress disorder; however, they can also be caused occasionally ) by her most severe fear, aquaphobia. she’s also prone to anxiety attacks but that is another story for another time ( she had an anxiety attack in k side: red, and she may have had one a while after becoming the red king, but that’s just a tiny headcanon ).


notwithstanding the fact that anna is a very powerful character ( she was pretty strong when she was just a strain, and now she’s a king and holy fuck ), every person has a few weaknesses.

  • her eyes. despite the fact that anna’s eyes are one of her biggest strengths ( since her strain abilities oft involve the use of her eyes and red marbles ), they can also serve as a bit of a weakness, mostly because she is a bit too dependent on her strain abilities during battle aND SHE NEEDS TO SEE WHERE HER OPPONENT IS; however, taking away her eyesight does not stop her from being able to utilize her strain abilities during a battle, but it will slow her down as she tries to calm herself down and figure out where you are and how she can use her strain abilities again so that she can beat your ass ( though, if it really comes down to it, she could use her empathy to figure out where her opponent is, or if her opponent is non-human, her supernatural detection( well they’d have to be non-human to be able to take away her sight, because a simple human would not be able to do that much damage to a king). but if she had more than one opponent, then that would be pretty taxing and she would grow mentally fatigued pretty quickly ). likewise, if her opponent had the ability to temporarily cancel her powers, she’d lack the advantage of being able to use her pain inducement, emotion manipulation, and telepathy, and that’s no fun. tHOUGH if you take out her eyes via a weapon ( id est, blades or bullet ), she would be in pain, and pain actually enhances her abilities, which could make her powers go haywire if she’s upset enough. so don’t be surprised if your eyes feel like they’ve been stabbed as well.
  • other kings, and supernatural beings that happen to be stronger than kings. it’s well known that only a king can kill a king, but since this is tumblr and there is a vast amount of characters with different abilities that vary in strength, there has to be an exception to that rule. however, at the moment, i only know of two or three muses who aren’t kings who are strong enough to wipe the floor with anna’s carcass.
  • overuse of her aura. it’s also well-known that if a king overuses their aura, it may weaken their sword of damocles, therefore making it more likely to fall and kill them and multiple people in the process. so overusing her aura is a big no-no ( but so is not using it enough ), which is why she tries to balance out the use whilst she fights.

littleelsebutlove said:

Beatles karaoke where Javert is surprisingly good but really really grumpy about it all, like they’re basically a 20th-century One Direction and he’s old and stodgy but it turns out he really rocks Twist and Shout. Valjean’s favorite is Can’t Buy Me Love. [idk but this became mostly about Javert so I'm sending it to you]

Valjean trying to coax Javert on to the stage before the performance. “But Javert! The law wants you to! The people out there, they’re mocking the law!” And Javert gets his game face on and says “NO ONE mocks the law!” And just rocks it.


"I told you we should have rescued the boy first." Meaning Peeta. I couldn’t agree more. He would’ve been an excellent mouthpiece. And who did they fish out of the arena instead? Me, who won’t cooperate.


artist: aot7
please do not remove the link to the original artist’s web portfolio.


Leo’s attempt at aegyo. [MTV: The Show Interview]