In TWIST news: a woman came by our house last night claiming to be a neighbor, asking for money to get her daughter an inhaler from the pharmacy. Dave (Ol’ Soft Touch Dave we call him) gave her the money, and we later found out she definitely doesn’t live in our complex, as if that was in doubt. Whatever. We both hoped it had helped in some way.

Then today, against all odds, she came back! Not for more money, nor to pay us back – she just wanted to tell me she’d spent the night in the emergency room with her daughter. I don’t know who she is or what her real situation is, but if she is really just a concerned mom going about helping her kid in a really strange fashion, well, I’m glad we could get them through the night.

(And if she was casing our house, at least she now knows that we don’t have that much nice stuff.)


OMFG guys. This is the cutest video everrrr

Pitties and Coatimundis togetherrrrr AH 

I love my job. Even tho I mostly work with baby tigers. I got to babysit some baby coatimundis the other weekend :3 TOOOO CUTEEE! They where borowing in my hair and one snuggled inbetween my boobs. It was funny and adorable.

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Our trip to costa rica and the Coatimundi came out to play

karecki replied to your post:i hate it when, after all week fretting and…

i feel u. a lot on this holy shit. the last few mins are killer. thats how it was w codie my coatimundi. and then i said FUCK IT & overpayed and cried from happiness and exhaustion and anxiety but i was happy when i got him ;w;; (so i say go for it!)

my hands slipped up the last second and i couldn’t type, but i originally had my limit set at $325, then decided “fuck it, I’ll push until $500″ but it just didn’t feel quite worth that. that and i don’t really have that sort of money to throw around. it went for $449 tho.

fyi it was a black and tan mutation coyote, which is one of my grail pelts and rly rly important to me spiritually and character-wise right now. i’ve only ever seen a handful online and even less for sale. oh well, maybe another opportunity will come along. 8(