"Lifin' up the Ceilin'; Dealin' out the Healin'"

Welcome to Kinsky Roots Music!

KINSKY started out as a couple of guys with a bunch of roots reggae tunes itching to get them recorded and out there. Through the quality of these songs and some good fortune, songwriters Ernie Garland and Dave Murray (Sydney Symphony Bassist) travelled to the Catalan region of Spain to begin recording their debut album, ‘Sunset on the Good Fight’ in the 400-year-old farmhouse studio of renowned reggae producer DoctR’Enric. A heavyweight on the scene, DoctR’Enric has worked extensively with such luminaries as The Heptones, The Pioneers, Alton Ellis, Derrick Morgan and Finley Quaye, amongst many others. After 4 weeks and finishing touches, the album was mixed and mastered.

Back in Sydney the guys have built around them a nine-piece band and just released the album on the Foreigndub label. Having toured southern China in 2011 with Spain/UK collective Dubby Yond, lighting up the Dub Shack at Peats Ridge Festival, and recently sharing the stage with Kingfisha and Dubmarine, the guys are quickly becoming prominent faces in the Australian roots scene.

Kinsky have managed to capture Australia’s social and cultural landscape, with a sound that is diverse on many levels. Surrounded by an influx of electronic dubstep, Kinsky take us back to the beginning - to the rawness and purity of traditional dub - much to the happiness of coastal dwellers and old school roots reggae fans. “Sunset on the Good Fight” blends roots reggae with rock, ska, rocksteady, and jazz, and repeatedly displays the craft of a good pop hook. Pink Floyd dance in their grave every time “The Plague Pt 2” erupts a sound system, and lovers of the accented upbeat go crazy for “The Stalker Pt 1”. Kinsky challenge the simplicity of reggae with complex instrumentation, electronic and acoustic sounds, unique melodies, and elaborate vocal harmonies. Horns, sax, trumpets, lush female vocals, guitars, bass, keys, and a full rhythm section create a compelling wall of sound, and showcase skilled musicianship. A consideration for sound placement, sound quality, and emotive delivery is eminent, and together work to chaperon each tracks message deeply into the listener’s subconscious. Ernie’s vocal is not only impressive but also emotionally provocative.

Kinsky uses its music to create a means of community, fun and transcendence, whilst never being afraid to tackle complex issues. Delivering reggae’s classic sense of positivity and ease, Kinsky still manage not to ignore the sometimes-macabre sting of reality. As a vehicle for history, dispute, and alternative opinion, “Sunset on the Good Fight” explores everything from peace, love, loss, redemption, and sex; to history, politics, and drugs. In a live setting, Kinsky inspire the positive celebration of music and community, in a spectacle that is both visually and viscerally invigorating.