yes im cheating i cant do 30 day challenges // Part 1 / Day 5

  • 10. Try drawing your dessert in realism or cartoon!
  • 11. Your dessert in another desserts clothes
  • 12. Draw your dessert and another dessert’s lovechild
  • 13. Your dessert doing something with their baker/owner
  • 14. Draw your dessert with their pokemon
  • 15. Draw your dessert eating the non personified version of their dessert..!
  • 16. Your Dessert in your favorite AU (if you haven’t been in one, just choose whichever to throw them in)

Songs to get you through the night and those early mornings with textbooks and caffeine. You’re going to rock this school year!

>> ad altiora tendo | an instrumental study mix [listen]

01. the nutcracker 12. divertissement coffee (arabian coffee) - tchaikovsky | 02. dvorak humoreske, op. 101, no. 7 - anne robert | 03. always summer - adrian johnston | 04. leaving home, coming home - dario marianelli | 05. waltz no. 7 in c sharp minor, op. 64, nr. 2 - frédéric chopin | 06. the boat - rachel portman | 07. le cid. 2, andalouse - jules massenet | 08. the nutcracker dance of the reed pipes - tchaikovsky | 09. iceland - bark cat bark | 10. opus 55 - dustin o’halloran | 11. traumerei from scenes of childhood - robert schumann | 12. opening - elizabeth the golden age | 13. pachelbel’s cannon in d major - johann sebastian bach | 14. spring the four seasons - antonio vivaldi | 15. für elise - ludwig von beethoven | 16. swan lake, act ii no. 14 - tchaikovsky | 17. piano concerto no. 21, andante - wolfgang amadeus mozart | 18. song on the beach - arcade fire | 19. hijo de la luna (instrumental) - mecano | 20. prelude in e minor - frédéric chopin | 21. minuet g major - johann sebastian bach | 22. primavera - ludovico einaudi | 23. nocturne op. 9 no. 2, n. in e flat major andante - daniel barenboim | 24. fly - ludovico einaudi | 25. sonate en la majeur, d. 574 iii, andantino - franz schubert | 26. th villa - joseph vitarelli | 27. love and the hunter - john lunn | 26. comme une rosséé de larmes - ludovic bource | 29. je te veux - érik satie | 30. married life - michael giacchino

i was trying to refresh my memory on this season’s episodes because of the analysis post i am currently writing, so i found the videos and was just looking quickly at each episode- i didn’t even turn the sound on- and randomly clicked around, skipping through the episodes and glancing at different screenshots in order to remember what had happened.

i got to episode 6, and i haven’t watched that in a while. back when i did watch it, i didn’t know that haru and makoto were going to separate.

i clicked and landed on a screenshot of when little kids haru and makoto were walking up to the desk that coach sasabe was behind.

as soon as i looked at that screenshot, i started crying.

and actually i don’t cry that often, i know always say “sob sob” but it’s a joke. i don’t usually cry and if i do, it’s just my eyes getting a little watery but no tears coming out. but just now i definitely cried, because… i remember how happily emotional i was when i first watched that part of the episode, but my emotions now are so different because now, i know about makoto’s sadness (which would come later in the episode) and about makoto moving away after high school. i can’t look at that happy childhood scene anymore, knowing about those two things. i cried for both of them because those two little kids had no idea they would end up separating, but i cried especially for makoto, who gave up the little toy for haru in the flashback and it was no big deal, but it’s a symbol of how in general he just does so much for haru, and yet he feels jealous of rin, and in ep6 he felt like haru was leaving him behind, and he cried. the analysis i’m writing is about how much i feel sorry for makoto, and how much even haru isn’t caring for him enough, so seeing that one little childhood screenshot- where the two were walking so close together, and where makoto was soon about to let haru have the toy- had a big impact on me and made me love sweet little angel child makoto even more…!! ;__;

that was such a weird moment for me, i cried so suddenly. well this is how much these two mean to me!