For those wondering about Wonderland this is what Adam answered when I asked last yr..

Thanks! Yeah, if those who watched the spin-off remember correctly, Will showed up in Storybrooke at the time of ‘Broken’ when the wraith was seeking havoc on the town. Alice and Cyrus also appeared in Storybrooke later, tho I think there wasn’t a clear definition on when it was exactly. I think we can safely assume that they’re both on the same timeline and this is taking place after Will seemingly had his happy ever after will Anastasia. D:


Yet another "professional"

Submitters Comment: Was scrolling through Facebook recently when I came across a girl whom I know personally has been doing unprofessional piercings. I’ve witnessed her pierce people multiple times in filthy outdoor areas without gloves or any sanitation before hand besides maybe water at best.

What’s Awful: She claims she has been doing it for years and assumes that is what qualifies her to pierce people. Also, that she has performed such doings on herself. She actually charges money-cheap or not-for these terrible piercings. She claims if something happens to the piercing, it is your own fault due to the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing. 

How It Can Be Fixed: DO NOT get pierced by someone who claims they’re a professional. Do your research, and remember that you get what you pay for.