I'll like to remind my followers that I am anti-capitalist.

Capitalism is a for-profit form of government that makes the rich richer and oppresses the poor. Capitalism gives the rich supreme power and eventually they take over the government.

Lets expose Capitalism for what is really is, a disguised plutocracy

When the government supports for-profit (private) prisons and taxes the poor more than the rich, surrounds you in ads, creates laws in favor of corporations that use slave labor foreign or domestic and bails out banks that falsely forecloses on families you know there is something seriously wrong. 

America is suppose to be a democracy, a form of government where the people hold the power. 

Ask yourself, do the people of America hold the power? Does your government answer to people or the rich? Are the laws in favor of the people or the corporations? 

Take the time to consider what it means to live in a plutocracy and if your government has your intentions at heart. The middle class is disappearing and we the rich are growing stronger. 

I refuse to be a slave to the rich and that is why I am anti-capitalist. Some will say I am a terrorist, radical, propagandist or a conspiracy theorist but take a good look at the what is being done in Congress and who is benefiting while we suffer. 

Join a protest, question the government. The people are the ultimate check and balance. It’s time to revolt. 

i’m sorry for being the perpetually bitter cripple but are we really going to completely ignore the absolutely fucked up ableism that came out of jeremy renner’s mouth and that chris evans co-signed with laughter in the “natasha is a slut” interview

for reference (x around the 30 second mark):

jeremy renner: she has a prosthetic leg anyway
chris evans: [laughs]

the complete dehumanization of disabled people in that comment is so disgusting i can’t even begin to describe how upset it made me

not only are disabled people apparently unfuckable and unlovable by default (because make no mistake, that’s exactly what his comment means; “why should i be upset about a disabled person not dating me anyway”), it’s also hilarious enough to laugh about

the fact that this comment was completely ignored to the point that people didn’t even know it was said until i specifically pointed it out really showcases where people’s priorities lie (hint: it’s not with disabled people)

this kind of attitude is everywhere, it’s completely unchecked for the most part, and it contributes directly to self-hate and people like me feeling like they’ll never be loved or wanted so it really really really needs to be made crystal fucking clear that this isn’t acceptable

(i’m not saying the slut comment wasn’t gross but i’m really frustrated about the fact that ablebodied people tend to completely ignore us at every opportunity)

1. Most of the audience either has a Ph.D. or is about to get one.
2. It is extremely hard to get a doctorate without finishing college.
3. Colleges rarely accept students without high school diplomas.
4. Before graduating from high school it is necessary to pass the third grade.
5. Passing the third grade requires being able to read.
6. Therefore, almost all of your audience knows how to read.
7. That makes it completely unnecessary – not to say outrageously annoying – to read your f*cking slides out loud. Slides should complement, not duplicate, your verbal presentation.

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Co-Sign SWV

I hear you saying Love will be right here 
I hear you saying
I will dry your tears
Ready for a Wifey and Kids I hear you saying
Never had nothing like this, heey
Baby, If you ask me for my Love
Then I will gladly give it up 
Baby I co-sign, co-sign, co-sign
For your Lovin’ I..
Co-sign, co-sign, baby I’m ready

Hi! I just launched my new project! Head towards to sign up and become a part of it, y'all. I’m taking off in May with Maddie on our new sidecar adventure rig!

I’m looking for 25 of the most compelling and passionate female motorcycle riders all across the US. Maddie and I will travel anywhere to come photograph you and tell your story! The best part is, the photo project is going to print and will be featured in Iron & Air mag this fall.

I’m also hunting great spots to camp and folks to ride motos with me. There’s a spot on the project website to drop me a line for that too. Yes!


The Rangers - Co Sign (VIRAL MUSIC VIDEO)


The Rangers- Co Sign [video]

R.I.P. Betty Willis, graphic designer behind the famous “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas” sign

Designer Who Created the Iconic ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ Sign Has Died

Nevada graphic designer Betty Willis, who created the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign that became a globally recognized icon of hedonism, died Monday at age 91, according to the Neon Museum.

Her design, gifted to Las Vegas in 1959, is emblematic of Googiearchitecture, with its characteristic futuristic motifs. Although the sign is formally owned by the Young Electric Sign Co., its image remains perennially in the public domain, with reprints adorning all manner of Vegas memorabilia from coffee mugs to T-shirts.

Willis was brought up outside Las Vegas and worked at Western Neon in 1952, after attending school in Los Angeles in 1952. “We thought the town was fabulous, so we added the word,” she once said.”

Read the full piece here


Labrinth + Kano - “Earthquake” (Co-Sign Edition)“ | The Co-Sign Episode 3

deancasfoundaliquorstore-help asked:

What's the line for white activists (for POC)? Like, what isn't helpful? What is offensive? I'm just confused and want to support without doing any harm.