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Irina can I ask what do you think would happen if you were wrong and they didn't come out or announce a new team during the break? Thanks xx

Well, if they don’t come out during the break I still think it’s going to happen some time during this year (probably at the end of the tour), they can’t keep this up for much longer.

If they don’t announce a new team during the break because there’s actually no new team, then I think they might lose their chance to make it as a four piece. And me, they would also probably lose me.

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About your co speculation, idk if you've already addressed this, but the football match could be the "beginning of the end" seeding ? I know we've been looking forward to tax day and things, but if the football match happens w/ 4/4 & heavy HL interaction could that start April as a "outside of work outings" time? Also, have we collectively scrapped the two month seeding plan? AKA May 1st being the next significant date in the pattern? Sorry if this is all over the place, I had a lot of thoughts!

I think they’re coming out during the break but I don’t really want to speculate beyond that, anything is possible! Like I’ve said before: we don’t really need to reach the point when they’re heavily interacting in off-works settings for them to come out so they might do it or they might not - both options are equally possible. May 1st is an interesting date in the 3 month cycle theory so I’m keeping my eye on it too, I really think the best course of action right now is to sit down and relax. We just have to wait to see what happens now.