b1a4 appreciation week // day 2 - favorite ot5 moment(s)
Besides their first win, I was drawing a blank on my favorite ot5 moment. There were so many different things - the way they hug after wins and after concerts, the way they have fun with each other, the way they support each other. In the end, I just made this little compilation of some of those moments~ 


B1A4 OFFICIAL: やっぱり……. 새벽엔 ‪#CNU‬ 인가요?
콘서트 준비로 한창이었던 어느날 ‪#‎신우‬ 의 모습들 입니다.
요즘 음악작업과 운동에도 열심인 신우!
곧, 특별한 소식으로 ‪#B1A4‬ 와 함께해요 ‪#BANA


[FACEBOOK] 150419 Hardworking Shinwoo diligently exercise and work on music recently

Is it CNU in the dawn? CNU’s looks on one of the concert preparation days. Recently CNU diligently exercise and work on music! Soon, B1A4 will meet you (BANA) with special info

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[TRANS] 150419 B1A4 Facebook update

B1A4_OFFICIAL: やっぱり……. 새벽엔 ‪#‎CNU‬ 인가요? 콘서트 준비로 한창이었던 어느날 ‪#‎신우‬ 의 모습들 입니다. 요즘 음악작업과 운동에도 열심인 신우! 곧, 특별한 소식으로 ‪#‎B1A4‬ 와 함께해요 ‪#‎BANA

As always……. late at night is it #CNU? Here are images of #Shinwoo one day when he was busy with concert preparations. Lately Shinwoo is working hard with music composition and exercise too! Soon, let’s be together with #B1A4 for special news #BANA

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Day 3 - Favorite Era

Baby I’m Sorry & Ignition

I certainly love all the eras from B1A4 but the one that impacted me really hard was Baby I’m Sorry. I remember that the song came out first as a single before the album was released. When I first heard that song I was in shock. After getting used to listen to songs like Only Learned the Bad Things, Chu Chu Chu, Wonderful Tonight, Ok and so Baby I’m Sorry took me like a tornado.

It was so different. Their looks. Their manliness they grew up in a blink of a eye. I wasn’t ready. It amazed me. It also left me confused cause I couldn’t process the whole thing but I loved every minute of it. It just kept me wondering if they would stay like that forever. I have to admit that I hated Gongchan’s blonde hair with passion #sorry.

If it wan’t enough that Baby I’m Sorry was great… This time is Over was also very good and totally different. While Baby I’m Sorry was more modern and used more electronic elements… This time is over went all off with their voice and feelings. The hardship of ending a relationship. Wahhh this boys. I was really impressed and proud.

This Ignition as their first full album was really a stepping stone on their carrier. Sandeul got his solo song “Crush” so heart breaking. Baro wrote & compose “Just the two of us” and got a duo with Min and the song was great.And last but not least “You are my girl” that has become the nthem of B1A4 for Bana… specially at the concerts.

The Ignition album made many people pay attention to them. It just made me so happy that they could do so many different things proving that they are cute but yes we can be like other group but we just want you to know what we can do… show you our own colors. They are a freaking rainbow and you should take your time and ENJOY it. TASTE THE RAINBOW.

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12 Male Idols Who Look Even Hotter With Glasses

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B1A4 Appreciation Week: Day 2 - Favorite OT5 Moment

In my mind everytime the 5 of them are together its an ot5 moment but…

It has to be this.

Honestly I can’t get enough of this picture. If baro was there you know he’d be in on it. I can just imagine baro on the pile making a fuss lol

Just for fairness to baro, my second fav is this video of them making music in the bathroom god I love it. 

There are just too many!

 B1A4 fourth year anniversary / appreciation week Day 2 - Favorite OT5 Moment(s).

OT5 hug.

There are so many  particular moments I can mention here, like their first award, their first concert, them being dumb on ISAC or them doing sprout dance. But thing I’d like to mention is them doing their heart-warmig group hug. Everytime there is some big event happening they are hugging each other. They show they love and care for each other, they can rely on each other no matter if there is something bad or good happening. Everytime they win they do a group hug which is like ‘’We’ve worked hard guys, let’s try even harder. I love you..’’. These are my feeling about this. <3

anonymous asked:

would b1a4 be a butt or boobs person/type

ahoy ahoy

jinyoung: hmm i reckon he a titties kinda guy?? i think he likes somethin to grab and hold bc boobies are nice and soft and squishy hehe  (✿◕‿◕✿)

CNU: he likes both cnu is very docile and accepting and prob wouldnt care either way tbh


sandeul: also booty bc his booty game is on point (pls click the links theyre all so beautiful i honestly have tears in my eyes bless the booty)

gongchan: def boobies bruh i mean cmon just look at those hands they perfect for the titty