Mantrasound intervista la band CNST (Cielinerisopratorino) Opening act ai Krisma al Dante Cafe’- 24/01/2014.

Cnst are :
Mauro Caviglia - Chitarra e Voce
Attilio Rinaldi - Basso elettrico
Elisa Sacco - Violino
Gian Piero Morfino - Batteria

i know exactly what I have to be doing
i know what assignments im missing and what’s due soon and what classes im falling behind on and what I should make up im constantly thinking about all of it
but im too scared to check my grades because I know they’re bad and I know im still not gonna be able to do any of the work

kenekisses heeft op je bericht gereageerd “SO I DISNT KNOW YOU FOLLOWED ME AND NOW I CNST STOP CATERWAULING”

the caterwaul has subsided into jazzy grunts and harmonious bellowing bc you can’t be following me my blog is a clogged toilet whereas yours is a shining porcelain throne with a built-in ass warmer

whaaat- i think you and your blog are amazing, friend!  i was actually surprised that you had followed me at first.