Sexism doesn’t just hurt women, it breaks our very humanity.

I’m proud to have written a piece for entitled “I’m a male feminist. No, seriously” that encompasses a lot of my thinking on feminism broadly and the need for men to be a part of this fight.

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I feel lucky to get this much attention, and it’s really because of you, the community of folks at Together, we’re raising awareness of inequality, we’re helping each other as we battle through the mini-struggles, and we’re (bit by bit) making the world a better place.

It’s an honor to be a part of this community. Thank you.

LGBTQ* Breaking News You May Have Missed

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UK lawmakers approve same-sex marriage in first vote

By Laura Smith-Spark and Atika Shubert, CNN

updated 3:47 PM EST, Tue February 5, 2013

London (CNN) — UK lawmakers approved Tuesday the second reading of a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, an issue that has prompted widespread rebellion within Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party.

The 400-175 vote indicated a significant majority of members support the measure. However, the legislation has to clear more parliamentary hurdles to become law.

It faces another vote in the House of Commons and a vote in the House of Lords.

Before Tuesday’s vote, three top party members appealed to Conservative MPs to get behind the controversial legislation in a letter published in the Telegraph newspaper.

The letter, signed by Chancellor George Osborne, Foreign Secretary William Hague and Home Secretary Theresa May, said that passing the bill is “the right thing to do at the right time.”

The institution of marriage has evolved over time, the letter said, while “attitudes towards gay people have changed.”


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And With This I Lost My Faith In Humanity

I’ve been doing comment shaming for around 2 months now and some days it really drains you.  This is one of those moments. has repeatedly shut down it’s comment sections on every article about the devastating Typhoon Haiyan that has struck the Philippines.  What could be so controversial about the strongest recorded superstorm to ever make landfall? 

Yesterday’s headline read: 10,000 feared dead.  The comments hadn’t been shut down, so I was able to find out why all of the other comment sections had been shut down.  It was because of all of the Racism, politicizing and down right insanity being typed by real people.  I was able to catch some of the trolling and bullshit as it was being posted and pulled by moderators.

Remember in an article talking about the deaths of 10,000 PEOPLE, commenters railed against Obamacare, Muslims, Foreign Aide and Black People.

Here are many of the worst I’ve found.


















Yep, do you see all of this bullshit?  Do you see?!!  Do You see it??!!!


10,000 people maybe dead.  That’s 3 times the bodycount of 9/11, or most non-jokable day.  But that doesn’t stop these soulless fucks. Most of these comments don’t even mention the Typhoon or the destruction, because the one things Trolls hate more than anything else is context. 

At least no on mentioned Hitler for once.


I’m going to go clean my revolver with my mouth and listen to Elliot Smith songs.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~BREAKING NEWS~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An unarmed man was wrongfully shot and killed by the LAPD last night. One of the witnesses on the scene wrote on his Facebook: "police just shot a man in the head 10 times for no reason right in front of me, holy fuck." although he wasn’t able to capture the incident there is a video of the after man minutes later. 


Hometown in the headlines?

A young man I went to high school was arrested yesterday for alleged terrorist plotting, right in our backyards of Ashland. While this is shocking in and of itself, I was even more jarred to see front page coverage of our town, our high school, and our yearbook right on Of course this is a big story, but it’s still quite odd and hits pretty close to home. It goes without saying how awful the entire situation is and how lucky we are that law enforcement was able to catch him. However, my roommate had a difficult time understanding the sorrow on my face as I tried to explain just how tragic I find the whole situation. I’m probably going to ruffle a lot of feathers - everyone’s initial reaction falls somewhere along the line of “that bastard, I hope he rots in Guantanamo!” - and while I would NEVER defend Rezwan’s horrendous intentions, I can’t help but immediately ponder the effect this will have on the people around him. Perhaps I’m judging from a standpoint of naivete, but assuming his family had no part in this, the lives of his brother and parents just changed forever. It’s also terrible for a proud community whose name is now on the map for the most deplorable of crimes. Rather than brewing over with revenge, I mostly find it sad and puzzling how someone can let that much hatred fester inside of them that they grow so radical in their beliefs. Not just him, anyone.

(For AK): Another phenomenon that became immediately evident was the way in which everyone from Ashland took to their various social media outlets to claim territory over the news story. It’s no secret that we’re wired to rubber neck and love drama so it’s only natural and perhaps expected that when such a large shocking story breaks right across the street, we’re inclined to advertise things like “that’s my neighborhood!” Despite this, it was unsettling to see people using Facebook and Twitter as a platform to say obnoxious things:

  • The terrorist who was just arrested who lives on my street used to bully me when I was in middle school. #karma
  • I went to high school with a terrorist. only in Ashland.
  • Yes I live on the same street as the terrorist all over the news, yes I will be on channel 4
  • Hometown classin’ it up with some terrorism.

Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, especially on topics as controversial and emotionally-charged as this, but this type of collective reaction just seems crass to me. Again, I feel I must restate that I do not defend or support anything that Rezwan stood for as I’m sure my empathy for the bigger picture at hand will be construed as unpatriotic. I’m just incredibly turned off by the way Ashlanders are sensationalizing a news story, attempting to inch as close to it as possible without having any real connection to it at all.

I got a bad haircut this week and I’d be lying if I didn’t have a meltdown over it. You know those ugly crying phone calls to Mom? Yeah. The last time I lost it over a haircut was the day before September 11 and afterwards, I vowed to never get upset over something so trivial again. This latest story is sobering and brings me back to that place. People are suffering far worse in my own hometown today. I’m sorry for the whole situation that’s transpiring in Atown and hope that even if it’s twenty years from now, somewhere, somehow, we will have learned something good from this and come out as better people on the other end.

Mainstream media recognizes, blames patriarchy.

Both are managed by male dominated-hierarchies. Both are revered by millions of people. And both allegedly dealt with accusations of sexual abuse of children internally, without going to law enforcement authorities.

Facebook is (still) so hot

I used to still think Google+ wasn’t going anywhere. Actually, I did think it would eventually take off, but I thought Facebook was still at its peak. Specially after the report I read saying Facebook reached a staggering trillion (that’s right, a trillion) page views. 

I’ve just tried to look for the article and found this one on (we’ll get to reliability of sources in a minute) saying that in fact, that number of accesses is incorrect. 

"…the widely used comScore, has a wildly different number. Its latest report, for July, found that Facebook had “just” 467 billion monthly page views.”

467 billion is still a shitload, let’s all agree on that. 

However, I think there’s a huge gap on accurate social media stats and pages views/impressions. How do we measure success? How do we control individual profile accounts and how do we differentiate it from people who have multiple accounts with different names? (busted on this one - no, I don’t stalk people. I do it for the free games, yo.) Are we measuring the times people access the site once a day? Does mobile access affect this number? How about when I leave my open my browser and Facebook is my Home tab? Does it count every time I open then browser even though I’m not purposely wanting to go on Facebook? 

So many questions… so many answers.. 

But one thing we can definitely conclude: Facebook is still in vogue. How many times did I use Facebook in this post?  

Or maybe I should just spend more time offline and get a life. 

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Warpaint interview: New sound, old friends (via

10 years

I can’t believe it’s already been almost 10 years since the attack on the World Trade Center in NYC.  I remember where I was, what I was doing, and the complete awe I felt at the time.  The “where?”  My history class, which is kind of ironic (don’t you think?).  The “what” was staring in awe and confusion at the television in our classroom.  I have never been in a classroom that was that quiet before, without an exam going on, or the teacher lecturing.  I do admit, I didn’t understand what was going on, but I could grasp the fact that it was something HUGE.  I knew kids that I went to school with that had family that worked in NYC, we might have been eight or nine hours away from the city, but it was still NY.  As we get closer to the anniversary, there are news articles and press everywhere.  I found one particularly sad, it was on and it was of people who didn’t make it to work on-time, and it saved their lives.