April 24, 2014: The Beginning

Today is the day that most developers dread. Dread to the point where projects go unstarted, or abandoned. Today is the beginning.

I’ve been in web development for about eight years now, and day zero is always the day that makes me reconsider my life.

Unlike previous projects, I will be attempting new programming paradigms that I have never attempted before.

In recent years, I’ve been making strides to achieve that to no avail. But this project has forced my hands into building an application that is versatile.

To achieve that, I will be using a concept in software engineering called MVC: Model-View Controller.

Side note: the purpose of this devblog is to explain the techniques I use and outline the challenges and difficulties along the way.

What is the Model View Controller?

In software engineering, it is a good practice to separate code from the design/look of the application. This means that the Graphical User Interface shouldn’t be managing calculations beyond its scope.

The GUI should communicate to the “model” to figure out what to display.

Along with using this technique, I will be using version control to manage the changes I make to the source code. This will also allow additional developers/help along the way.

As for that additional developer…

In my Public Relations committee application, I have a position named the Technology Assistant who will fulfill that role. 

It is my goal to not only have this term be solely for Circle K, but to better our professional careers. By developing, or taking part in, the district website, we will gain indispensible knowledge that we can use for the rest of our careers. This is real world experience that you can apply in jobs.

But for now… there’s a lot of bootstrapping to do!

Until next time,


Love for Circle K.

NOTE! : Hi Everyone ! This is a really late post. I’ve been slacking a lot on this post and I’m still not done with it yet !  I need fix and add a couple of things. OKAY… A LOT OF THINGS!  I’m still working on it !  Please bear with me here. Hope you guys enjoy this for now ! 


The Last- Wong Fu Productions…. 

CKI Edition.

Who? Who I loved was an organization called Circle K. I wasn’t exactly close with this organization, but with some superficial facts and interactions over the semester, you know  like most girls and guys wonder exactly what do they have to offer? I wasn’t exactly close with Circle K, but with few interactions outside of class, I wondered exactly what else is there to it ? I decided find in the answers to the questions that I’ve been meaning to figure out about Circle K…. Falling in love with an organization I barely know. Shortly I filled in the blanks by attending FTC like a storybook writer. 

What? What I loved was service,leadership, and fellowship.  We met earlier in high school. Kept in touch throughout the years after. We watched each other grow and change and through multiple obstacles along the way.  We were there for each other through difficult times, in times of need, and companionship.

When? When I love was my first love,Key Club, in high school.  It was a bit unfair because Key Club embodied everything about Circle K and youth. The feeling of young love for something so great is unexplainable and something we can’t replicate because we can only be around that age once. High school was a time for everyone to grow, find a life long path, and adventure. We soon  had to go our separate ways it was a nostalgia that reminded me why I became part of such a great organization. 

Where? Where I love was the group of people I met at FTC. I never intended in staying there for that long. It was just a three day conference after I’ve been in Circle K.  The connections that I made with other people has been a very memorable experience.  FTC taught me so much about Circle K with the new energy and new experiences that really pushed me to mature more than anyone or anywhere else. When somebody asks me what’s my favorite Circle K event, I say FTC. The one event that I love the most.  

Why? (Still working on it. I’m still  slowly finding out my own definition of love in Circle K. Again, please bear with me! .__.)

May 3, 2014: Retcon

I believe I may just have retcon'ed my whole previous post…

Developing in a foreign environment on a large project like the CNH district website is stupid, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

While a lot of design goals of Model View Controler are extremely important, being able to get a working website working within the next month without having to fight new territory is infinitely better.

At least there’s something I’m improving on between this website and the one I did for UC Irvine. I’m once again re-evaluating folder structure. Every iteration of the code-base I’ve been working on has significantly changed in how I organized my files.

When I first started out, this was my folder structure:

  • home directory
  • -> style (which includes stylesheets and images)
  • -> includes (headers and footers)
  • -> -> modules (libraries, yeah I made total sense as a 7th grader)
  • -> admin
  • …etc

Before I did the UC Irvine website…

  • home directory
  • -> public
  • -> -> css
  • -> -> img
  • -> -> js
  • -> private
  • -> -> includes
  • -> admin
  • ..etc

This was much better than when I first started out, but then you realize… wait I can delve into Object Oriented programming! 

When I first started following the OO-programming paradigm starting in college, this messed up my whole workflow (this is still the case on UC Irvine’s website).

It’s my goal this time around to fix that mistake.

It is very important to keep learning new techniques and to not care how you do it when you first start out. That’s experimentation.

When you adapt and fix how you go about things in the future, that is learning.

For your enjoyment, here’s a sample picture of my WIP (work-in-progress).

Because district websites have to follow the CKI Branding Guide, I’m working on a nice front for very simple pages such as documenthandlers and the login/logout system.


If you’re a Circle K'er in the CalNevHa district, please consider applying to the Public Relations district committee!

Both Catherine, District Publications, and I, District Technology, would love to serve along with you! :D

We are looking for talented graphic design artists, executive assistants, cinematographers, and amazing outreach chairs!


Fall Training Conference 2012 - Ceremony of Lights

My nerves got the best of me during this.

Highlights of My Governor's Farewell Speech
  1. Revealed to my mom that I was Governor this past year
  2. Said something in Vietnamese
  3. Thank you Build-A-Board for checking on me
  4. Ashley’s favorite feature of Truong: DEM SHOULDERS
  5. Deen, Andrew, Sean: The biggest clowns on board, but I love them.
  6. Chlo Bro!
  7. Tony Wang the ABB
  8. Kevin Goble: Stop asking me if I kissed a girl lately! 
  9. Jenn Lai: Don’t forget me when you are famous
  10. Lauren, Leonne: Super talent and most creative people I know. makes me so jelly
  11. Kevin, Fiona, Mikael: 50 Shades of Ratchet
  12. I said the word Ratchet in my speech
  13. Stephanie, Ruben, Stefanie: We’ve grown up together in this org, we are the ones who go, ughh these kids….
  14. Hans & David: My favorite D-Board couple
  15. Governor is a lonely position because you have to carry the burden yourself.
  16. Camille is the greatest person that you will ever meet
  17. My mom is the bravest person I know
  18. Proud of you little bro, let Circle K just happen naturally.
  19. My family’s struggle throughout life. Service changed my life.
  20. My Circle K Divisions: Paradise & Magic Kingdoom
  21. My Circle K Clubs: OCC & UCSD
  22. Service makes an impact, always.
  23. Thank you CNH for all that you do.


I think I said more, but I don’t remember


One of my favorite dedication video :D