hey guys! so i just reached 1k which is amazing and thank you all so much for following me it means so much so for celebrating i decided to make a follow forever and again thank you all so much!


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these are the people i will follow forever. i think its pretty self explanatory!! if you’re on here and we don’t talk or have a mutual follow this is because i love you so much and i just admire you okay wow that was creepy sorry bye

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inhalate asked:

hey diana! so i am using your about page thing and was wondering how i could move the boxes up??? and im also using one of your other themes and i love it, ok bye <3

hey :) to move the boxes up (i’m assuming you mean the description box and the title box! so here’s what you have to do:

01. find the “#bigbox” and “.desc” section in the html.

 02. locate this:

        top:250px; and top:200px;

03. change the values so it is higher up so for example, change the first one to 150 and the second one to 100; be sure to move the same amount on both! 04. Also, please add 

to #smallbox to add a scrollbar! :) 05. copy the following code anywhere in the html