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HOW DO I GET RID OF THAT DEACTIVATED ONE FFS. I can’t unfollow, blocking didn’t work. I JUST DON’T WANT IT THERE ANYMORE. It’s ruining my numbers.

cnd83 replied to your post

I agree, 13 years is nothing! What about all these vampire shows where the guy is 100 years older and dead and a killer? People don’t call them inappropriate.

My guess for why people complain about the age gap on Community, but not in vampire or sci-fi stories is that a) like I said, age gaps of 100 years or more (where the old guys are still looking young and hot, I might add) aren’t anything we’re likely to encounter in real life. An age difference of 10, 15 or 20 years is closer to people’s reality, and seems to cause stronger emotional reactions because of it. And b), contrary to those stories, Community talks about the age gap and makes it an issue (at least for Jeff). Now, I don’t think that they always handle it particularly well, but I if i had to choose between the show bringing it up or ignoring it completely, I’d prefer bringing it up (in a reasonable way and to a moderate degree!). Because, IMO, it’s more realistic that way. But once they’ve done that, it should be settled. There’s no point in bringing it up again and again. I know that me dating a man in his late 30s would at least result in some raised eyebrows among the people I know. My family and friends would definitely want to talk about it etc. But if anyone told me I shouldn’t be with the guy in question because it’s “inappropriate”? I’d tell them to STFU because (like Shirley once said) I’m a grown-ass woman and I made my decision.

cnd83 replied to your post

I always try to forget that part and remember they were making googly eyes at each other (again!) in the previous episode. :)

I love the googly eyes, of course, but the ~sweet~ J/A scenes like the one in Origins of Vampire Mythology occasionally feel like the writers throwing us a bone and saying “here, play with that” while they establish that she “doesn’t love him” in the next episode.