A Story of Love and Top Surgery in Words and Images | Jamie Davis Smith for the Huffington Post Gay Voices

The full post and photo essay, linked above, include some powerful and in some cases intense photos (stuff like blood, needles and scars, so if those are difficult for you, don’t click). Kris and Bridge have a beautiful story, and they’re wonderfully brave for sharing it with the world. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your journey. (photos by Sarah Perry Photography)

"Yeah, yeah, right there", Ashton moans. 

You keep your tongue flat against his balls as you look up at him. He puts his hand on your head and pulls you even closer. Grinning down at you he keeps jerking himself off.

"Be a good girl, okay? Open your mouth", he says right before he reaches his high. 

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I was gonna try to copy/paste parts from other animatronics to try to remake this thing. “whatcanweuse” suggests that this “last” animatronic was a panicked attempt at reviving the pizzaria, which apparently failed. So! If we go along with the “crap we need to make something interesting fast” thing, here’s what I’ve got. Obviously, the parts weren’t taken straight from the animatronics and mashed together. They had to be slightly modified to fit properly and look decent.

Teeth: After looking at all the other animatronics, I could only find one that has teeth similar to this. That tiny little turd nugget Balloon Boy. If we look at his teeth, however, they fit the pattern but aren’t nearly abundant enough to fill this creatures mouth. Maybe they modeled it after BB, but grabbed teeth from everyone else to use? They’re obviously not lined up well, they’re crooked, they may even be different sizes. Conclusion: the mouth may be modeled after Balloon Boy’s

Head: The only animatronic that has this round of a head would be Chica from the first game or Toy Chica. Now that I look closer, I can see the jaw is separated. FNaF 2 Bonnie seems to have the most similar jaw shape that I can think of, since everyone else’s jaws are too wide/don’t sit snug with the top jaw. If you cut the pointy bit off of FNaF 1 Foxy’s nose, you get a slightly smaller muzzle and a nose that is very similar to this one. That would also explain how it itsn’t symmetrical. The only animatronic that I know of that has perfectly round eye holes is Balloon Boy. Conclusion: The head may be modeled after FNaF 2 Bonnie’s bottom jaw, FNaF 1 Fozy’s chopped off muzzle, and Balloon Boy’s head.

Ears: Out of all the Bonnies, FNaF 2 Bonnie seems to have the thinnest ears. This thing’s ears are super thin, so I feel like they took them from him. Also, remember how his right ear was always flopped over? Guess who’s right ear is completely gone now! Conclusion: The ears may be from FNaF 2 Bonnie.

Eyes: I haven’t seen truly grey eyes on any of the animatronics, so I’m gonna say that they were made when it was rediscovered after the place was turned into whatever you call a museum of death and horror.

Body: Without seeing a really clear full body picture, I’m just gonna go with a Freddy or Bonnie suit. Golden Freddy can get crossed off because neither of them have buttons.

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FNaF 3 Trailer is GO

Here’s the official trailer uploaded by Scott.

So I went through and took screenshots of anything I thought was important. Mainly the text and some animatronics.

Well well well, who might that be coming out of the gift box?

Oh will he now? I want to think that this is referrring to the killer, and it very well may be, but wait till you see who this trailer focuses on.

Just a long sweeping glance of a hallway, I didn’t see anything too obvious so I left that out. Some text confirming the previous statement.

Yes hello Bonnie! Looking lovely today! And you as well, Chica! But um, heh, Freddy… where are your eyes….? And, Bonnie… why are you looking at us…?

Well I sure hope so!

Oh boy! This looks fun! As if Golden Freddy wasn’t enough trauma for us, here’s a Golden Bonnie! Obvious endoskeleton, quite jerky and sporadic movements, and glowing eyes with a demolished suit like Golden Freddy and the Marionette/Puppet.

HEY THERE FRIEND!! Nice color changes on your head there, bro!


Yes, thank you Scott!

Whew! This looks much nicer! It would seem there’s only one doorway, that stupid fan, and one big window.

OH HEY YOU CAN WALK! Bonnie’s guitar is there, someone is behind Golden Bonnie, and I relly don’t like where this is going. When I first saw the trailer on mobile I was dead sure the thing behind it was the Marionette/Puppet, but when I watched it on the computer it’s very obviously not. It’s one of the toys, judging from the barely visible red cheeks, and appears to be brown. Maybe it’s Toy Freddy?

Well, your eyebrows can move if that’s any consolation… And look who decided to join the party! We’ve got the box of parts in the room with us! And at first glance, that one poster looks like Freddy has a Warfstache! Buuuut knowing FNaF, it’s probably blood.

Hmm yes.

Well, that about does it for the trailer as of right now. I’ll wait till someone who’s computer can handle youtube goes over it to add to this.

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