Congratulations to @tylerbartley for this feature, taken during our August instameet in Evanston! Chosen by @cmykchicago.
Get ready for our 5th IGC/@reelagram challenge announced tonight along with the announcement of last weeks runners up & winner!
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Instagram Weekend Hashtag Challenge  |  #WHPfirstphotoredo

On October 29th, 2010, I posted my first photo to Instagram. I actually had downloaded the app a couple weeks prior but didn’t really get the point: why would I want other people to see pictures I take with my phone? Well in those two weeks of just having an account, I gained a few random followers, so I figured might as well give them something to look at. As I was on my way to work and waiting for the train, I took a picture of my view and applied my then favorite, now no longer, filter Gotham. And low and behold - people started liking and commenting… Chicagoans from the same neighborhood, people from across the states with the same interests, foreigners from around the world who loved my city. I checked out their streams, got inspired to take more photos, learned about places I’ve never been, and gained a few friends along the way. Social media at it’s finest. Thanks to Instagram, I became reacquainted with an art that I once loved but had forgotten about and am given a great outlet to grow some of my photographic skills.

Aaaaand I'm Back

Soooo - as some of you have noticed, I have been on a teensy bit of a semi-hiatus taking care of some grown-up stuff and trying to figure out my life and what not. After a lot of reflection and work, I’ve come to a pretty good place so I’ve got more time to nerd out (plus I missed y’all a whole fucking lot).

What I’ve been up to these past two (three?) months:

  • Picked up my camera and started shooting again.
  • Redecorated the spare room in our apartment to be super designy/nerdy (pictures coming soon).
  • Started designing some posters to get signed at Chicago Comic Con and ChiCon (realize I don’t have that much time left so panic).
  • Finally put together a website for my design/photography work (
  • Had my 3 year tumblr-versary (whut).
  • Added a few shows to my “I’m Overly Obsessed With” list incl. The Strain, Breaking Bad, and Orphan Black.
  • Fell in love with Jesse Pinkman.

I’ll be getting back to all the make-me-choose graphics very soon - so that’s fun. Yay!