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  1. awwesnap-deactivated20121003 (11%)
  2. cmsudaho (10%)
  3. lets-be-crazy-together (8%)
  4. stevenosejobs (8%)
  5. a-creepy-weirdo-has (7%)
  6. haddlez (7%)
  7. i-am-lord-satan (6%)
  8. go-go-powdergangers (5%)
  9. big-m0mma (5%)

why are they all women

i swear I’m no feminist

in other news 2 of sally’s accounts are here for a combined tally of 19%, go sally


I was tagged by collideintonigelfizzy

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1. How is your day/afternoon/evening going?
Alright! Worked earlier, napped all day after, then watched TWD

2. Pancakes or waffles?
On average, the pancake will beat the waffle. However, the best waffles are better than the best pancakes.

3. What do you think the afterlife is like?
I wouldn’t presume to opine… I just hope it’s not the end of my existence in all planes of being.

4. Favourite love song?
I don’t think I have one! Not that I don’t like them, but picking a favorite anything is so hard..!

5. Views on marijuana?
Wholeheartedly approve of total decriminalization (and lower prices)

6. Usual Mcdonald’s order?
20pc chicken mcnuggets, large ice mocha coffee, med cherry berry chiller

7. Favourite type of sushi?
No clear favorite (once again) but I’m partial to the cali roll

8. Do you even lift bruh?
bruvv, ain’t lifted in months, gotta start again

9. Why do you follow me?
Mutual follow for ages! One of the untouchables :)

10. Describe a happy memory you have of us :)
Talking on fb during the midnight release of some video game! Battlefield 2 maybe?

11. Any allergies?
Peanut butter and strawberries :(

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Questions these poor chumps have to answer

1. Pick one country from each inhabited continent to visit. Which were chosen?2. Approximately how many selfies do you take per week?
3. What’s your third-favorite food?
4. Have you ever touched a bunny? (they’re cute as fuck)
5. What’s your fondest birthday memory? How about holiday memory? (two questions in one, got ‘em)
6. What did you do the last time you exited your comfort zone?
7. If I were traveling the world and needed a place to stay, could I crash at yours? (#ref)
8. Think of your greatest regret. How long ago did it occur?
9. Is it sacrilegious to eat pizza with silverware? Consider carefully.
10. If I was in your class and they were doing those dumb “Most Likely to ____” or “Best ____” or “Worst ____” awards that everyone secretly wants to win, what would you nominate me for, if anything?
11. You can travel in time once, and after a day you come back. You can pick a year anywhere from 514 BC - 3514 AD. What year do you pick? Note: If you go to the future, all winning lottery numbers, etc., are erased from your mind, so no get-rich-quick schemes!


blame this post on haddlez

Okay so hadley tagged me on this thing and I shall deliver. Q’s and A’s after the break (heh)


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Not letting you know because I’m not naggy

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cmsudaho reblogged your post my family always attempts to wake me u… and added:

i wouldn’t say we try to wake you up in the mornings. more like we try to wake you up at 1 or later

the point is you guys are always shocked whenever you try to turn the lights on in my room in an attempt to get me or to do anything in my room because they are always broken now (as everyone seems to always forget). The term “morning” is used as just a general term to describe the time of day I finally wake up at, the start of the day, regardless of the hour it may occur (and also because the most frequent attempts are made at earlier hours anyways)