What organizations need to understand and manage about the shifting dynamics of influence :

  • The economic impact on value creation and capture — from total customer lifetime value to total customer network value
  • The impact on rules of engagement — diverse sets of players are now shaping the norms and regulations
  • Geopolitical impact  on business environment — including social unrest as power shifts away from traditional bases 
  • Greater interdependence between organizations and individuals — including individuals who are employees

(via The Influence Landscape: The Evolving Power of Shapers & Influencers)

Cloud services are creating a distinct sense of overlap and a blur of corporate responsibility as CMOs evaluate, acquire, and field extensive new IT capabilities for digital advertising, customer experience management, CRM, and other related functions across a growing set of touchpoints, which now include at a bare minimum traditional media, online media, social media, and mobile devices.  A decade ago, much of the service delivery for these functions would be delegated under the CIO, who would support the marketing department and other groups in their IT endeavors as needed (although largely on IT’s schedule.)

(via A new reality between the CMO and CIO | ZDNet)