“You know they told me this was going to happen, but you know, I didn’t know there was going to be all of this. And Lennon and Maisy, and the video. My parents aren’t just crying, they’re actually balling at this point. I remember when I was 16 and I got the first phone call from Scott Borchetta, my label president. He said, ‘can you be on the road in two days to open up for Rascal Flatts?’ And I just started screaming, I said this has to be a miracle. He said ‘no it’s not a miracle, Eric Church got fired for playing too long’. Uhm, so…uhm, but then I got a call that I was gonna get to go on the road with George Strait who taught me to play the songs your fans want to hear. I got a call from Brad Paisley and I toured with him for 9 months, and I sat on a speaker by the side of the stage and I watched him every single night..cause he was funny and I’ll never be that funny, and it makes me sad. Keith Urban, I toured with him and I’m such a huge fan of his music. And Tim and Faith have a style at a level that is the pinnacle I will never reach which is that style that the two of you have. I justyou guys all got up here and you all did this. And I just know that this had to have taken a lot of people to make this decision to give this to me. So, to the CMA, to whoever made this choice…you’re not only rewarding my hard work and exhaustion…you’re rewarding the hard work and exhaustion of my family, and my label, and anyone who works with me..and most of all the fans. Who filled stadiums. I love you. On behalf of all those people, thank you, thank you. I love you! You’ve made me feel so special right now! Thank you!

Some fans are ignorant
  • Country music fans:Complain that Taylor isn't country enough.
  • Country artists:Take ownership of her in country music.
  • Victoria Secrets fans:Taylor isn't good enough to be around VS models.
  • Victoria Secrets models:Fangirl about the fact that Taylor is going to perform while they're walking on the runway.
  • Harry Styles fans:Taylor is awful in every way possible.
  • Harry Styles:Taylor is a nice girl and she deserves everything she has.
  • Ed Sheeran fans:Taylor should leave Ed alone!!
  • Ed Sheeran:*Defends Taylor whenever he gets the chance to*.
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Taylor Swift - Wins Pinnacle Award - CMA Awards 2013 HD

Well for me, when I think about them, when I think about my fans as a group, um, I just think of the little things. I think about the letters I get from classrooms and I think about the YouTube videos my mom sends me of a little girl opening her Christmas present and it’s tickets to my show and she freaks out. I think about videos of young girls who are playing a song on guitar and they just learned. I think of, um, sometimes I’ll sit in a position where I can watch people leave the shows, not trying to be creepy, it sounds creepy, but I will watch people leave the shows and I’ll look at their signs, um, and I’ll look at the shirts that they made or I’ll look at, some people cover themselves in Christmas lights just so that we can see them from the stage. Those little things are the things that flash through my mind. Or sometimes I’ll go and stalk my fans Twitter pages. Which also sounds really creepy, I’m blowing this. Um, but I’ll look at how, you know how sometimes fans have a reputation of being like bullies or aggressive or kind of rude to other artists or something. I just feel so proud that my fans are always nice to other fans. They’re always nice to each other. They don’t really say hateful things or say they’re going to set people on fire or anything. All those things, put together as a group is what I think of when my name gets called. I don’t really think about it being for me, because they’re the ones who did all those things.
—  Taylor Swift about her fans.
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Taylor Swift on the CMA Red Carpet

So to the CMA, to whoever made this choice. You’re not only rewarding my hard work and exhaustion, but the hard work of my family and my label and most importantly, the fans who fill up those stadiums. I love you. On behalf of all of those people, thank you. Thank you. I love you. I love you. You’ve made me feel so special right now.
—  Taylor Swift accepting the Pinnacle Award