okay honestly I’m such criminal minds trash and I’ve never done this before but I really need CM blogs to follow. I’m especially looking for blogs that are really about

• Penelope Garcia
• Spencer Reid
• Derek Morgan
• Aaron Hotchner
• Emily Prentiss

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the entirety of criminal minds season 1
  • *two to three minute time frame to show a bitch gettin sliced tf up*
  • *episode plays*
  • hotch:*has a full head of hair* “it's in ur best interest to help us and if u don't i will sick gideon on u”
  • morgan:*is a smooth and flirty dark chocolate bar* “peNELOPY what is this THING also reid im gonna quietly protect you whenever i can bc ur a sweet cinnamon bun”
  • elle:*looks beautiful all the fucken time* “what did u see we can help u also don't make any sudden movements near me or i will Fuck You Up”
  • reid:*stats it tf up* “hotch u kick like a nine y/o girl also i get a gun pointed at me a lot”
  • jj:*doesn't age* “media shut the fUCK UP FOR TWO SECONDS I WILL PUT YALL ON A LEASH IF I HAVE TOO”
  • gideon:*is alive* *looks v confused in almost every scene* *looks into the distance broodingly* “well let's give him what he wants also im smarter than everyone in this room except maybe reid”

Submission from pirikapirilala! Kyary’s new commercial for “Animal Crossing” featuring a new song titled “Kimama (きまま; carefree)”!

the entirety of criminal minds season 2
  • *two to five minute intro scene to show slightly bad acting and a bitch gettin shot tf up* *still more intense than s1 could ever hope 2 be*
  • *episode plays*
  • hotch:*still has a full head of hair, surprisingly* “i don't get paid enough for this”
  • morgan:*abs abs abs abS ABS ABS AB S* *kicks down door* “garcia baby girl mama honey baby babe love of my life darling hot sexy goddess can u do something for me”
  • elle:*haircut* *kills a man but looks badass while doing it* “i will fuck u up with me bare hands don't even look at me like that m8 yOU WANNA FUCKING G O LETS GO BITCH U THOUGHT”
  • reid:*helpful yet slightly mind boggling fact* *is the best cream filled cupcake to ever exist* “hey wait what are u doing what no wAIT WAIT NO PLEASE NO STOP I DONT WANT THIS PLEASE DONT DO THIS I DONT WANT–”
  • jj:*is an actual cinnabon, 2 pure 4 this world* “all of u are my bitches also i control nearly everything you do so chill for a second”
  • gideon:*is going more bald on the back of his head by the episode* “what the fuck am i even here for what am i doing why am i like this i h8 my job–”
  • garcia:*is fabulous always* “morgan love of my life sweet hunk of dark chocolate honey baby lemme tell u a thing”
  • prentiss:“i don't trust any of yall fuckers”