"Our First Kiss Went a Little Like This" – Clustin

It was their first Windsor party and it was more fun than they imagined it to be. The freshmen had fun with what the upperclassmen offered them. Games, food, booze, everything. The music was thumping just loud enough for them to enjoy and not loud enough to keep them from trouble – at least for a while. One blond, Stuart freshman was shitfaced drunk. He was dragged to the party by his brother’s boyfriend to make him “loosen up” much to the joy of a certain Windsor boy, who seemed to be missing in the crowd of adrenaline high bodies. He stumbled around in the dark, looking for the boy with dark hair and was really annoying in the bad way but sometimes in an endearing way. He hated his hugs, he loved his hugs. He hated his company, he loved his company.  He hated his voice, he loved his voice. Austin couldn’t seem to decide most of the time. But now that he was drunk on two shots of vodka and three bottles of beer, he was seeking Clay, wanting to tell him a lot of things. He reached the dance floor and was being jostled around. This didn’t help him find Clay. It didn’t help his balance either. After one particular shove, he was thrown sprawling to the ground. He landed with a thud and everything blurred a little bit before someone hauled him up to his feet and led him out of the dance floor. The laughter was familiar.

“Dude, you are drunk.” It was Clay.

“Ah! Mr. Claw – Clay.” Austin said, leaning into the boy, making them stumble. “Just the boy I was looking for.”

“Since you’re saying that, I can tell that you’re definitely drunk.” Clay laughed and pulled the Stuart out of Windsor house and sat him on the grass. He sat beside him. Austin gave him a goofy smile, a feat in itself. Clay knew he was drunk but he soaked up every moment he had with drunken Austin, who apparently showed more emotion in five minutes than sober Austin did in a whole week. “So, you were looking for me?”

“I,” Austin said, pointing to himself, making Clay laugh, “hate you sometimes.” He poked Clay and he had to admit, that kinda stung. “You’re so annoying. But sometimes, I don’t hate you.”

“You don’t?” Clay started to smile wider.

“Well, not just sometimes.” Austin chuckled. “Most of the time. I don’t hate you most of the time. I may look like I do but I don’t.”

“That’s good to know, Austin.” Clay chuckled and looked up at the heavens. The universe was teasing him with a totally gorgeous boy who he happened to like who happened to be completely drunk and up for probably anything. But he wouldn’t do that to Austin. He was better than that… But if Austin were to… Nah, he didn’t think it would happen.

“Woah, everything’s like… spinning.” Austin laughed and lied down on the grass. “Weeeeee.”

“God, I wish you were drunk all the time.” Clay said over his shoulder.

“But then I’d die.” Austin said and there was a beat of silence before he started laughing. “Hey, hey, Clay. Guess what.” The blond sat up again and knelt beside the dark haired boy. He turned his head and caught the overpowering smell of alcohol.


“Your face…” Austin burped into Clay’s face.

“Oh dude, that’s gro –”

Austin pressed a finger on Clay’s lips. The Windsor blushed at the contact. “Your face… I like that shit.” Clay’s eyes grew wide and before he could reply, Austin was taking his lips into a sloppy kiss. Something Clay took control over, refined it, and made it better, once he realized that he was kissing the very Austin he’s been craving to kiss since freshman orientation.

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Austin's fingers tensed in Clay's hair, his knees shaking, his muscles straining. Orgasm swept over him so blissful, leaving him more relaxed and euphoric than he had been in weeks. Now weak and passive, Austin didn't fight or kick when Clay moved to touch him. Little kisses on his stomach, tentative on his neck, the shell of his ear. "I'm sorry, Austin." Clay nuzzled him with a purr. "I know you don't want to. But someday soon, you're going to love me back." He whispered.

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“Oh, you’re fine! Come on, are you hungry or not?”

The Dalton Acadamy summer picnic was in full swing. The country club was closed for the day save for the boys. The twins were running about on deck, pursuing random victims with new high-powered water guns. Dwight had barricaded himself at the top of the water slide, bombarding the two with water balloons. Danny and Derek were racing one another in the lap pool, and by the looks of things Shane was patching up Reed, who had already slipped on deck and cut his lip.

Not too far from there was a massive of food. Rows of lobster on ice, massive racks of ribs and barbecued steaks, along with countless other delicacies. It all smelled delicious.

Too bad Austin was currently stuck on the opposite side of the pool with this moron on his shoulders.

“Just follow my instructions, and I’ll lead you around to the tables! It’ll be fun!” Clay said brightly. One hand was clapped over Austin’s eyes, the other wrapped around his head. “Now walk forward!”

Austin had been to this country club before, and he had a feeling that he knew where he was going. Resigned, he started walking as per Clay’s instructions.

“Okay, good. We’re on the pool deck now… walking between the hot tubs and the deep end of the pool. Keep going straight.”

“The hot tub and the pool?”


“So the pool would be on our right side?”

“Yeah it is! Okay, now you’re going to- GAH!”

Austin heaved Clay off of his shoulders and into the water. He hit the surface with a massive splash, and scrambled to the surface, coughing and spluttering. When he reached the side, he blinked up to see Austin with a cheeseburger in hand.

“You’re no fun.”

“I made you a plate too. Come on crybaby.”

Clustin One-shot - Sleepy Cuddles

To say that Austin had had a long day would be an understatement. He’d been up until 3AM skyping with his little sister (she really shouldn’t have been up that late, but nobody had noticed, and if she wanted to stay up, well, Austin couldn’t deny her anything). School had been no better; that, combined with Clay chattering away to him all day, meant that Austin was barely awake by the time he reached the library.

He collapsed onto one of the plush sofas that were scattered around the library, reaching into his bag, pulling out a thick textbook. He started to read, but he couldn’t concentrate; the words were slipping in and out of focus. He had been reading the same paragraph for over 5 minutes before someone snapped him out of his reverie.

"Austin? You alright?" Clay asked curiously. Before Austin had a chance to answer however, Clay jumped onto the sofa beside Austin, wrapping his arms around the Stuart.

"Clay, what are you doing?" Austin inquired wearily. Clay just grinned, lying back on the sofa, pulling Austin with him. On any other day, Austin would have complained about Clay’s proximity, and promptly pushed him away (Austin would eventually give in though; Clay was very persistent), but that day, Austin just didn’t have the energy.

He leaned forwards, lying on Clay’s chest, his arms resting on the Windsor’s shoulders. He was so tired, he could do nothing more than glare at Clay. Upon seeing that Clay wasn’t going to move, Austin sighed, resting his head in the crook of Clay’s neck.

"Comfy?" Clay asked with a grin. Austin replied with another glare, but made no attempt to move. Clay wrapped his arms around Austin, who quickly fell asleep, snoring quietly.
Austin only stayed asleep for a couple of hours, but in that time, Clay had received plenty of curious looks from fellow students. To be fair, seeing Austin cuddled up to Clay was quite unusual, but most students were polite enough not to stare.
The Tweedles most definitely did not fit into that category.

"Awwwwww, look at them!"

"They’re so cute!"

"Bless their little souls!"

They only stopped their teasing when Austin yawned, beginning to wake up. With a not so subtle wink, the Tweedles left. Austin mumbled something unintelligible, and snuggled closer to Clay. Clay smiled, running his hands gently down Austin’s back, laughing quietly when Austin’s hands tightened their grip on his blazer.

Austin came back to his senses, and realised the position he was in; lying on Clay’s chest, head tucked into the crook of his neck, with the Windsor’s arms circling his waist. He would have moved, but Clay was warm and soft and wasn’t being loud, so why should he move?

Austin yawned again, pressing a light kiss to Clay’s jaw before settling down for another nap. Clay’s eyes widened at the show of affection, but he said nothing. His arms tightened around Austin’s waist, before brushing his lips against Austin’s forehead in a tender kiss, trying to ignore the smirks that the Tweedles were sending his way.

Reading Buddies - Clustin

"Hey Austin!" 

Austin internally clenched, bracing himself for the inevitable impact of Clay against his back. 

"What’cha reading?" Arms wrapped tight around Austin’s shoulders as Clay nuzzled the side of his head. 

"You know. When most people see someone busy reading, they leave them alone." Austin answered coolly. 

"But you read all the time." Clay protested, cozying up next to him. He frowned down at the thick text book. "You aren’t even taking the class that book is for!" This, naturally left Austin wondering how Clay knew his schedule. 


"Now, wait!" Clay held his hands up in a gesture of peace. "I was listening last time, okay? You said I could hang out with you if I stayed quiet. So I am." 

There was a long, terse silence between them. Austin’s silent glower, and Clay’s wide, unassuming eyes. Without breaking the glare, Clay reached into his bag, pulling out a book and holding it between them.

"See? I can read too, you know."

"…The Goblet of Fire."

"Otherwise known as the best book of the series."

It didn’t escape Clay’s notice how his expression softened, ever so slightly as he looked over the familiar artwork on the cover. Clay peeked at him over the top of the book.

"Why don’t you read it with me? It’s gotta be more fun than Psyche 102." 

Austin exhaled sharply through his nose. He glanced around, checking to make certain that the two were alone.

"Skip to the first task."

Dark Night - Clustin

The silence was terse and thick. Logan glared down Austin, who after years of practice remained flawlessly, aggravatingly impassive.

Logan’s cellphone going off was a godsend to them both.

The prefect whipped it out, turning away from his brother with an angry flourish.

“Hello?” A long pause. Even from Austin’s end of the room, he could hear the frantic pitch of the voice squabbling on the other end. “Alright. Calm down. How long ago did he run off?” Logan sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Okay. No, don’t call the police just yet. He couldn’t have gotten far.” Logan snapped his phone shut. “I have to go.”

Austin raised his eyebrow quizzically.

“It’s the stupid Windsor initiation.” Logan said hurriedly, pulling on a jacket. “They grab a freshman in the middle of the night.” He swore as he tripped pulling on a shoe. “And this new kid, he…”

“Clay.” Austin spoke before he could stop himself. He frowned, looking away from Logan. “It… was Clay, wasn’t it?”

“Is there something you know, Austin?” Logan asked, rounding on him seriously.

Austin clenched his jaw. Yes, he knew. He wasn’t supposed to know. He didn’t ask for the dark secrets of Clay’s life, or to be sworn to secrecy by them. But yes, he knew why Clay would panic if he was suddenly apprehended, dragged out of bed when he was sleeping by rough hands.

When he didn’t answer, Logan’s expression darkened even further.

“Well?” A lesser boy would have flinched at Logan’s roar. “He’s your friend, isn’t he? Don’t you care?

Did he? Austin kept his eyes carefully trained on the floor. What did he feel? Clay bothered him endlessly, aggrivated him to no end. He made him feel things… he never wanted to feel.


“No.” Logan agreed, seething. He charged past Austin, knocking his shoulder as he went. “You don’t need to care about anything at all, do you Austin?”

Long Walk Home - Clustin

Austin shifted Clay a bit in his arms. How was it he ended up in this situation? Taking the long detour to Windsor House, with this lummox slung across his back. Clay murmured a bit, his head lolling against Austin’s neck. The faint, sweet scent of alcohol was all about him, clinging to his lips and his hair.

"You’re drooling." Austin jostled Clay a bit to keep him conscious.

"You’re pretty."

Austin sighed. Here they go again.

"Could you… why… you know, you should be a girl."

Austin eyed some nearby bushes longingly. But he couldn’t just dump Clay, as much as he wanted to. He owed him a favor after all.

"But you’re not."

"No, I’m a boy."

I’m a boy.” Clay pouted, as if he should have been the only one allowed.

"And we’re both straight." A small part of Austin was hoping that some aspect of this conversation would sink into Clay’s subconscious and stay with him come morning.

"I like boobs." The wild boy spouted eloquently in agreement. Up ahead, the lights of Windsor house were in sight. He was almost there.

"But I like you too." Clay whined, wrapping his legs around Austin’s waist. "Can’t you just have boobs too?"

Austin lurched, his eyes suddenly blown wide. Clay had somehow gotten his hands under Austin’s shirt, now shamelessly squeezing and groping his pectorals, as if searching for nonexistent breasts.

His hands were freezing.


Shane was the one who answered the door at Windsor, and was promptly greeted with the full dead weight of Clay Rizzo. Austin stormed off without a word, leaving a startled Shane with a giddy freshman, now sporting a glowing read hand-shaped mark across his face.

(This is a snippet of what came after Dark Night. I’ve been meaning to post it for a while.)

Clay cowered at the base of the statue, hugging himself tightly. His entire body was trembling, though not because of the freezing rain that had easily seeped past his meager sleepwear. His heart was still pounding with panic, his face burning with humiliation. Flashbacks played behind his eyes like some horrible movie he couldn’t stop. 

Wasn’t Dalton supposed to be the place he could go to get away from all of that? No, it was. He realized now it had only been Wes and David who had grabbed him. What the hell were they doing? It didn’t matter. In that moment he was wrenched out of sleep, he hadn’t seen them at all. He had been back in that grubby alleyway again. 

Those men. 

The ones with the canes that they swung like baseball bats. 

"Go away." Clay moaned, pressing his palms deep into his eyes. His toes dug into the cold mud. 

"Now that’s a first."

Clay yelped, scrambling back against the statue. He hadn’t realized the rain had stopped beating down on him, due to a boy standing over him with a broad umbrella. 

"A-Austin?" Clay’s teeth were chatting so hard he had to fight to get the words out. 

"Come on." He offered Clay his hand, but he hesitated. Austin’s brow furrowed in agitation. This was not how their dynamic worked. "They’re all worried about you, you know." 


"You don’t have to tell them." Austin tugged Clay to his feet. He only received a dubious look in return. Austin sighed and bit his tongue for a moment. 

"You can stay in Stuart tonight. Face your friends in the morning."

"… W-why did you come out here?" Clay hugged himself tightly, looking down at Austin’s shoes. Before Clay could get even sicker than he undoubtably would become, Austin prompted him to walk along with him, keeping him close under the umbrella. 

In truth, Austin didn’t quite know himself. What prompted him to tear out of Stuart, to join the search scouring Dalton grounds looking for the lost Clay. Maybe he reminded him of the stray dog that his mother didn’t let him keep when he was eight. Austin named her Maggie, and Cordelia assured Austin she took him to a good home, but he always had his doubts. 

True to his word, he snuck Clay in through the back of Stuart, and once he had him taking a hot shower to clean off and warm up, he headed downstairs to inform the prefects that Clay was safe.

It’s just this one night. Austin told himself sternly. He still doesn’t mean anything to me.

Go Away - Clustin

"Go away, Clay." 

Austin vaguely wondered if he was saying it wrong. Whenever he finally spoke up and demanded some space, the quirky Windsor boy just ended up two steps closer. It left Austin at something of a loss. After all, he only chose to speak after exhausting the use of silence.

But ignoring Clay did no good either. It didn’t matter how busy Austin made himself out to be, or how much he glowered. Clay still ended up clinging to his shoulders, or with his head in Austin’s lap, badgering him about his day and pointing out different formations of the clouds. 

Everything Austin knew about how to be polite and passive-agressive was failing. What would mother do in a situation like this? No… no he couldn’t do that. Austin rubbed his cheek absent-mindedly, subconsciously soothing away marks left from harsh blows from unkind palms.

He couldn’t do this the way mother did.

So… what was left?

Austin set his book down, seeing Clay bounding towards him. Ah, he had muffins with him. That was nice, but Austin really did need this time to himself. With being silent, and speaking out both exhausted, there was only one thing left to do.

"Hey Austin! I was wnh-" Austin reached out and seized Clay’s tie. He yanked the boy forward, his lips deftly aligning with Clay’s own. The kiss was chaste, but at the same time firm and demanding. In a surprising development, Austin noticed Clay’s knees seem to tremble, his muscles slacking. 

When he finally pulled away, Clay was red in the face and breathless. He stared at Austin’s impassive visage for a few moments, then turned and ran with a small shrill squeak of a sound. Austin was pleasantly surprised. 

With such an effective method, he resolved to adopt the idea and try it again next time.


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Soft Kitty - Clustin

Austin wasn’t sure what to do. He had finally finished his reading, but at this point Clay (who he had been once again unsuccessful in refuting) had dozed off, his head resting peacefully on Austin’s lap. He could get up, of course. What did he care if he disturbed Clay? Clay was constantly doing so to him. Bothering him with his incessant hugging, loud music and boundlessly cheerful disposition.

Actually, it was quite usual seeing him so still.

Clay’s chest steadily rose and fell, but other than that the boy was perfectly at peace. His lips slightly parted, this eyelashes gracing soft cheeks. As soon as Austin roused him, he knew those eyes would fly open, that endless source of energy once again unleashed upon Dalton.

Austin sighed, his hand wandering through the Windsor’s hair. He was surprised at how soft it was, like strands of silk running over his fingers. Perhaps he had expected someone so wild and unruly wouldn’t be taking better care of himself? Austin was pleased to find himself proven wrong, upon closer inspection. His hand ghosted down the back of Clay’s neck, and trailed down across his many earrings. Clay murmured softly in his sleep. He rolled over onto his side, but not wake.

Hm. So Clay was ticklish.

Austin allowed himself a rare smile.