Mostly Mute Monday: The Largest Eruption in the Known Universe

“But this eruption is special, having been going on for hundreds of millions of years, due to the size of the eruption that’s many millions of light years across. If it were caused by accreting matter, it would have had to accrete nearly a billion solar masses worth of material. The combined radio (VLA), visible (Hubble) and X-ray (Chandra) data suggest another interpretation: an ultramassive black hole in excess of 10^10 solar masses powers the outburst.”

What’s causing this monstrosity at the heart of MS 0735.6+7421? Come find out on Mostly Mute Monday.

Rise and Shinegreymon

The town was cover in a thick white mist while a shadowy figure was coming in the fog. A teenager with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was holding a crimson device which the screen was glowing. “A strong digital signal is coming deeper into this fog” he said as a Agumon came beside him. “Another Feral Digimon?” he asked.

“I don’t know Agumon but we need to be careful…Bella and Chris are on their way so if it is a rouge Warrior or a Feral Digimon we need to hold them back until they come and give back up” he said but as soon as he said that a shadowy figures appear in the fog. The human prepares to digivolve his digimon partner.


Travel outer space in search of titanic creatures,
cataloguing them for humanity, as a lonely biologist on a old ship.
In search of these creatures you will have to explore, for example; arid planets, giant gas clouds, the abyssal depths of ocean planets and the insides of a red dwarf.

All this will take time and resources though, and you will have to gather resources as you travel, both in space and on various planets. With these you can upgrade all your equipment, everything from the thrusters on the ship to the suit you wear while exploring.

You will mostly have to manage all on your own, as the closest human will be lightyears away. Unknown creatures of the scale you search for won’t be close by, after all. But will humanity thank you for your discoveries?

Gas arms form giant spiraling molecular cradles of dense molecular cores

Taipei, Taiwan (SPX) May 22, 2015
A research team led by Dr. Hauyu Liu at the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica (ASIAA) observed the luminous OB cluster-forming massive molecular clump G33.92+0.11 with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), and unveiled the fine molecular gas structures deeply embedded at the center of the parent molecular cloud. This finding provides a greatly simp
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turambar-masterofdoom asked:

//you do realise i'm now just sat back imagining some random MI6 / CIA people clustered around a screen crying because they're reading your fanfic and they're all secretly super into it, and they're monitoring you extra close so they know when you've put a new chapter up so they can all come round and cry together over dark lord and dead elves.

The most excellent thing about this is that, given the current attitudes towards internet surveillance in this country, IT JUST MIGHT BE TRUE :D

Cluster feeding.

Is a thoroughly un fun process :( after a few days of eating steadily and with regular-ish gaps… He is now basically attached to me.

But of course he picked the afternoon/evening my husband isn’t home until later and so I have to wait till the baby tires himself out eating this way to eat and I didn’t bring anything like my laptop charger or snacks before he started. Agh!!! Also the husband thing is great for morale boosting because this process feels like nothing I do satisfies him :(

The Pleiades Cluster seen in Infrared

Known to the Ancient Greeks as the ‘Seven Sisters’, the Pleiades is one of many star clusters that are visible to the naked eye and have been observed by humans for thousands of years. This particular image of the cluster shows its associated dust - known as Merope Nebula or NGC 1435 - which is particularly spectacular in the infrared. The ‘Nebulosity’ of the Pleiades is caused by surrounding dust reflecting the light of the hot, young stars within the cluster.

Credit: NASA/Spitzer/Wikipedia


(more than) 3 years of of making music,9 songs,a hundred or less stage performances,2 seasons of VIXX TV enjoyment (plus a lot more achievements through the years) and a constellation of Starlights.happy 3 years VIXX! #VIXX3rdANNIVERSARY #StarlightFestival