A Good Day Starts With Style: Getting Dressed for Pleasure

Most of us start the day with a cup or two of coffee, a decent breakfast, and a hygiene routine. (Hopefully all of us take care to observe that last one.) Just as important, when it comes to getting dressed in the morning how we experience it probably affects the way we walk out the front door. While we have no empirical evidence to support our claim, and we can only really speak from our own experience, getting dressed in the morning carries with it one’s fundamental attitude for the day ahead. Think of it as a kind of ritual, one which confidently paves the way for optimism and the resolve to make the day a success. Well put-together and consciously collected, we feel we can make the most out of any kind of day.

A good day starts with style, and taking pleasure in the art of getting dressed!


Who We Are: J.M.'s Personal Style

What with regards to dressing well, what do you appreciate the most?

Definitely a suit. I am wearing one right now, a Samuelsohn made-to-measure, the quality and cut of which make it the key garment in my wardrobe. The devil is in the details though: Personally I prefer generous peak lapels, a ticket pocket, and well-tapered trousers. What’s great about my suits (which already fit well) is that, depending on how I accessorize my look, different facets of my personality can be shown. The potential ties, pochettes and cardigans I can put together with it are the way I make the suit my own.


Who is your style icon, the person or persons from whom you draw inspiration?

Many names come to mind but Steve McQueen stands out among them all. (He isn’t titled “The King of Cool” for nothing.) He made it as a reference of timeless style and rugged elegance in menswear. He wore Barbour jackets, Persol sunglasses, slim but refined suits. It is impossible to not see his influence in mens fashion today. What he wore in The Thomas Crown Affair has undoubtedly contributed directly to my personal style preferences and vision of how a suit can fit a man.


What is your favorite hangout in Montreal?

The Furco Bar on Mayor Street (Downtown). The 5 to 7s are lively and the music is great.

What made you decide to pursue a career in menswear, considering also the unique place of Clusier in Montreal?

The quality of the products as well as the excellent service is what drew me to Clusier. Since our mission is to help the modern businessman build and maintain a professional wardrobe, we do our best to give him direction towards investing in smart clothing choices. Our comprehensive custom clothing services in suiting and shirting is in itself a commitment to our clientele, so that they get exactly what they’re looking for. We do our best to really take care of our clients, so that when they get dressed in the morning (or evening), they can be confident that they always look good.

According to you, what is the essential piece of sartorial advice every many of today needs to know?

Invest in the shoes you wear. If at first glance the excellent quality of a shoe can be discerned, the same can be said for one of poor quality. A shoe that is well made and is beautiful as a result will always compliment what you wear. Avoid shoes that are square-toed or pointy, with superfluous stitching and nonsense. White shoes are also to be avoided.


An Introduction

“Who am I?”’ This is a question that we ask ourselves from time to time. It is a profound question with the answer not so easy to come by.  One thing is for sure - the process of self-discovery to find the answer is at the heart of our existence.


So too, as a company, we continually ask ourselves:  Who is Clusier? Furthermore, what is our purpose?  What does the Clusier man look like, and how can we best be at his service? We knew there was no other way to grow and be the finest provider of men’s clothing in Montréal without reflecting on questions like these.

We hold ourselves to a standard of being true gentlemen and take great pride that over the years we have grown exponentially as a result of not only this, but also our passion and dedication to dressing the men of Montréal.  We now want to extend the Clusier Experience beyond Montreal and make it accessible 24/7 to existing clients.

With our new website operational and with a resolve to make ourselves evermore present online, we have given new life to Clusier. Moreover, with our website blog, online store, and tumblr, we’re endeavouring to broaden theClusier Experience and to more explicitly define what it means to be part of the Clusier Culture.

Whether you need help navigating wardrobe choices or simply want to be taken care of in a fresh reincarnation of the gentleman’s club, we welcome you to participate in the Clusier Culture from our website before walking through our doors! Let us help define who you are with what you wear and how you wear it.