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ok i'm going to rant some naruto (sasusaku)

(i haven’t been updated that much on the chapters but I basically know what’s going on)

Sakura is an annoying character. she’s presented to be this insecure girl who got some confident. As that happened she also found a boy she likes. But she became selfish, ino and sakura thought over sasuke’s attention. Because he never noticed her, she once again became insecure. 

I think that sakura loves the idea of sasuke more than sasuke himself. in shippuden she misses the past. she loves how it used to be back then. so she wants sasuke back so it feels like it did then. they were a team and they were for some time happy.

But sakura never felt good about herself, she wanted to prove to ino that she could get sasuke. and if she ever did, she would be really confident.

Naruto always pays attention to sakura but naruto doesn’t make her feel confident. he’s just a goofy clunts and she want’s something better to make her better, she wants sasuke.

and that is simply something she’s never been able to let go of.

allthough she get’s super high medical skills and strength she still constantly doubts herself. and as she constantly also beats naruto up to make her feel better. 

she still needs sasuke, because otherwise she will not feel like she achieved anything. 

but, sasuke is a sadistic, hateful, psychopath.

and what everyone around sakura does wrong is that they dont tell her to let him go.

no. they listen to her emotional speeches about how she misses sasuke, but what they dont say is: yo, that sasuke guy is a total freak! i think you should stay away from him and learn yourself some self respect!

and sasuke has also constantly told sakura that he’s not interested in her like that (which he repeats in this previous chapter). he may like her as a person. but i think sasuke has too much shit going on to think of anybody like that. If he would have wanted it he could have had basically anybody. and let’s face it… he wasnt saving himself for sakura. no he doesnt want anybody at all. all he wants is revenge. he doesnt care about anybody but himself and he will do anything his heart desiers.

sasusaku will not happen, at least not a honest sasusaku.

i dont think sakura’s feelings towards sasuke are real and sasuke only has feelings towards himself.

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