I think Lou does look like a hipsta version of Peter Pan >o>

Many thanks to the original piece that inspired this idea! :D Please check out this lovely girl’s art, it’s real real cute :)


Mukuro is an infamous supersoldier for whom killing is a merely a part of everyday life. She never asked to be hopelessly head-over-heels for this literal embodiment of hope and puppy-dog cuteness and yet here we are.


Thingies I’m working on x____X

  • Winter Prince AU Jack Frost  - the-guardian-of-fun
  • King of the Wilderwest (HTTYD2 Hiccup) - inspired by AU above
  • Wedding hijack
  • etc. (tarzan!hijack, cartoony hijack, ksldjalsjdalsjd kohi)
" shє sαíd shє wαntєd tσ єscαpє frσm thís wσrld. "

For part three of my gemsona alternate universe, we have a three-gem task force who have been tasked with finding and capturing the summer gems. Almandine is the leader of the group, and wields a massive axe-like blade. She can also shoot lil hot beams from her fingertips. The second-to-last image is a restylization of her, a lil more smooth cartoony and simple (also bonus cool summoning pose). Chrysoprase carries a futuristic gun/blaster of sorts, she is hot-headed and a bit trigger-happy (watermelon hair). Spinel is totally purple. He is calm and cool, though a bit cynical. He has some telepathic and some telekinetic abilities and fights wielding either energy discs or two large metallic rings/chakram. He can facilitate group conversations telepathically (he essentially maintains one with his teammates at all times), and can use this same ability to simply listen in to other gems’ mental voices unless they are aware of his presence, in which case he can be blocked out. The purple and green fusion is Spinel and Chrysoprase, and I can find no better mix for them than Opal >:[ so thats tentative. I also dont have a good weapon for them, but its a hell of a design. Finally we have their total combined fusion Black Opal, who is totally badass. Thats about all I can say. Tune in for the final post comin up!