I have no idea if Cluestuck was ever started or not, but I reeeeeeally want to write it out.

Like, I reeeeeally do.

I already have a plot in mind lfdgnjlkfdjng.

Gamzee, or the nickname he’s given himself, (‘Grand Highblood,’) invited all his friends to toy with them, and stage a Murder Mystery event. At first, he planned for people to just get swiped up, then hide in a room until Karkat, ('The Sufferer,’) was left. It was a practical joke that John, ('Ecto Biologist,’) gave him the idea for. Feferi, ('The Condense,’) was in on it and offered her family’s large mansion as a hosting place for the party. All was going well in his plan, but as they swiped up the first 'victim,’ who they all called he Writ Keeper, (he was the Queen of White’s husband.) He was found dead by his wife, and soon enough she joined him when the rest of the party discovered them both beheaded in the master bedroom.

The doors were locked, and no one was getting out until the case was solved. The only clue that they had so far was a bit of black fur that they discovered on the floor.

I have nicknames for all the characters and I’m having so much fun writing this out omg lsfgjnlsdkfgnjldkgjnsdkfgn

Nicknames are just their ancestor’s name, their pesterchum tag, or just their name. pfff, so uncreative.

I’m likely going to make a random character post later, if people like this plot. orz

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Gamzee hides all the bodies and the policeman walks in on him making out with them and thinks they are alive. Then the butler runs up, shouting ‘I can explain!“ And he says "No need to explain, it’s a free country." 

"Oh. I didn’t know it was that free.”

(idk who the policeman and butler would be)

The Rules, in brief

  • Paragraph-style only, please!
  • I’ll be playing Meulin, The Butler, and the dead body.
  • No duplicates, genderbends, or modifiers.
  • Don’t be a dick or you’ll get banned.
  • Ask me if you have any questions about the setting or characters!
  • Don’t ask me who the murderer is, because I’m deciding that based on what happens.
  • This post will be updated when the murderer is discovered.

i played clue this weekend at a volunteer weekend thing (apparently it’s actually called cluedo? idk in the us it’s ‘clue’ but w/e cluedo sounds cooler anyway) 

and apparently having headcanons about homestuck are a gateway drug for making an entire au

so basically i want to make cluedostuck a thing, here’s a quick doodle to start it off