clueless-dan asked:

i have this (kind of sad) hc in which percy still can see Bianca. Back in the battle of the labyrinth, bianca didnt show herself to Nico until Percy was there with him. And after the doors are open, Nico says that he went looking for Bianca but didnt find her, instead he found Hazel, and he says that she may have move on. So in my hc Bianca only shows herself to Percy, just to remind him to take care of nico, or just to watch over him.

:c Why do you hurt me like that?

  • She wants her brother to move on, and she knows he won’t until he thinks that she has
  • protecting Percy is protecting Nico in a way, because even though she knows Nico is hurting because of him, Bianca knows that without Percy, things would be even worse
  • She comes to him in dreams sometimes, and Percy thinks it’s a memory and not actually her.
  • this way, she makes sure that Percy watches over Nico
  • Like, one night, Nico feels like camp isn’t the place for him after all, and Bianca shows Percy in the dream, wakes him up, and basically makes him go check on Nico and get him to stay

don’t get me wrong, i love nothing better than watching matthew macfadyen approach keira knightley across a mist-strewn field with his shirt open down his chest and his tight pants hugging him just the right way

but emma is honestly my favorite jane austen novel