The trend of drawing my Crazy Flush antagonists for Otakon continues. Featuring the dynamic duo Clubs ninja twins this year! I tried channeling Katanagatari light novel art for this particular piece because the illustrations are loooooove <3

anonymous said:

Seriously though, is going to clubs (night clubs) a bad idea or sinful?

Here’s my thoughts. 

1) Avoid even the appearance of evil.

2) Avoid temptation.

3) Avoid filling your mind with images of lust.

4) Avoid filling your heart with junky lyrics.

5) Avoid drunkenness.

6) Avoid bad company.

7) Represent Jesus at all times.

If you can do all that and still go to the night club, then I guess that’s fine.

God likes partying, it’s all over scripture. But remember in the story of the prodigal son: There were two parties. What made the party in the city bad, to the point of ruining the son’s life? And what made the father’s welcoming party good?