"Bucking" Bronko Féroun

Age: 49
Height: 7’5”
Weight: 575 lbs.
Style: Pro - Power Strength (Neutral)
Signature Moves: Bronko Bull Rush, Bearhug

Before wrestling, Bronko Féroun was easily the most ruthless and intimidating linebacker to play professional football of his time. His massive size mixed with surprising speed and ability to pick apart offensive linemen made him the most feared defender in the entire league.

After he retired, he decided he needed a new vice to stay in shape, and what better sport to utilize his extraordinary strength and size than professional wrestling?

Felt like this would be a great pic to start this blog up nice! :)

Age: 64
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 700 lbs.

Alignment: Face (Good)
Signature Moves: Squash Press; Splash Press; Body Avalanche

Suma is a fun-loving lion who loves using his big body to playfully punish his opponents in the ring (and sometimes his friends just for the heck of it!). He always has a smile on his face, and he believes in just having some good old-fashioned fun when wrestling.

He sumo-wrestled professionally for around 50 years, winning numerous awards and tournaments through the duration of his illustrious career. He now runs his own stable where he trains up-and-coming talent. He is married to the love of his life Aiba, and father to Mukuta, a mixed martial artist.

When he’s not wrestling or teaching other about sumo, he loves to spend time at the beach, eat some home-made chankonabe, or just have a good time with friends.

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First pic of 2013!

*First pic of 2013! Happy New Year everyone!*

Suma goes for a jog on a crisp winter’s morn’! Gotta keep that big body in shape during the sumo offseason!

No diets, though. I don’t think Suma’s ever even HEARD the word diet ;D

Made Aiba shorter. Might redo some of her linework. Gonna redo their tails too, since I spent about 10 seconds on each one XP

also gonna reshape some parts, i.e. each of their right shoulders. Feel like they’re protruding in a weird way.


The “Evolution” of Suma (and myself sort of)

Surprising how much a character of yours can change in just a few years.

And this is just from when I started posting online! I think he was a Panda warrior thing before that and then some sort of….lizard-type soldier thing before that! God, I am so glad my understanding of anatomy has improved, that first picture is god awful XD

Have thought of a ton of beach and summer related pics in the last 24 hours thanks to the 90+ degree weather were having in Northern California right now.

A lot of them involve Suma and his wife and his two sons as well!

Also have thought of a potential pic series I could do that is beach related!

This is a work-in-progress of Suma and his wife walking on the sand, btw :D

AGE: 28
HT: 7’7”
WT: 570 lbs

Bronko grew up in a hostile environment, where you had to learn to fight if you wanted to survive. After years of living in the dark slums of the city, he came across a small, broken-down wrestling school. He used some of the money he earned in street fights that was meant for food, and was given room and board by the owner of the wrestling school. 

Soon, Bronko had begun wrestling regularly under the moniker “the Goliath”, and was a raw talent at an early age. By the age of 16, he was already 6’5” and 300 lbs of muscle! He dominated the other students and patrons of the facility, soon garnering attention from several well-known promoters. 

At the age of 18, he was given his first professional match in the national spotlight! Bronko would face a veteran of the sport called “La Bestias”.

When the time came, Bronko was confident and was determined to win this fight, thus earning himself a major contract. However, La Bestias had other plans for the young bear. La Bestias tore Bronko to shreds, leaving him bloodied and beaten physically and mentally. Bronko’s career seemed to end before it had even begun.

But, Bronko knew that he had gone too far to give up then.

Bronko realized he wasn’t experienced enough when he faced La Bestias. He had potential, but his technique was still in need of fine-tuning. So, as his body healed, he traveled to various places to train with some of the best wrestlers in the world! He absorbed their wisdom and used this to fuel his fire even more. 

Within a year of his beating, Bronko was back in the gym, working to mold his body into the ultimate wrestling machine. At the age of 23, he had grown to 7’5” and around 450 lbs. He then returned to the wrestling school that took him off the streets, and started having matches again; still the dominant force he was 5 years ago. But this time, he was different. His body was calmer and more controlled. He paced himself, not going on all cylinders at once! He had become not just a powerful fighter, but an intelligent one too( He also dropped his “Goliath” persona).

Soon, he started getting attention again, and was offered another match against La Bestias. It would be the main event, and for good reason. Could Bronko find redemption in this one last chance in the spotlight? 

Bronko wouldn’t let this one slip away like the first one 5 years ago.

It was a hard fought match, Bronko and La Bestias evenly matched throughout, but with his hard work and training, Bronko outlasted the ruthless wrestler who had beaten him so mercilessly before. When announced as the winner, Bronko raised his arm in triumph, and shook the hand of La Bestias. Then, the promoter offered Bronko a blockbuster contract, and Bronko signed. He had finally gotten to the top.

Now 28, Bronko is still a major force to be reckoned with in the ring. He has yet to lose a match since signing his contract, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! He fights with heart and wins with respect, knowing the humble beginnings and treacherous trials he’s passed to get here today. He is happy knowing that under the lights of the arenas, he has escaped the darkness from the slums he was raised in.

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