So my chorus teacher was showing us some movie about Mozart and she said in one of the operas it showed that there were harlequin people so I was thinking “SO TESTOSTERONE BOYS AND HARLEQUIN GIRLS WILL YOU DANCE TO THIS BEAT & HOLD A LOVER CLOSE” omg

Attention all Asshats

I will deal with your whiney, unpatriotic, sniveling bullshit when I get home and am off mobile.

You hate on soldiers and vets but you have no clue. You talk alot of hot air and thats your right. One I BLED FOR you self righteous clowns, one that better people than you have died for. NOT in the name of Imperialism but for YOU and YOUR ungrateful selves and freedoms. Not that not a single member of our Armed Forces gets a vote as to who we fight. Or even how we fight, or even who we target… ALL that gets dictated to us by guess who? Congress, the Senate, AND YOUR BELOVED PRESIDENT. So you are slut shaming the victims here whos only crime is thinking your ignorant asses were worth a damn. GTFO.

Flynn: “Half-wit clown here.“
Eve: “Hey, people like clowns.”
Flynn: “Really, name one.”

I blame the ghostbusters for my intersecting love of the macabre and kinks

I mean both cartoons over their course included toon animal transformation, monster clown transformation that ate people, bug monster transformation, possession by glutton monster that made victims constantly eat, nnnnnnn

Now I’m thinking about it again

The Amazing Kirollis

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Name of Your Muse: Kirollis C. Duskhaven

One Picture You Like Best of Your Muse’s FC:

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

  • Kiro’s dad was not only manipulated but completely mind controlled into killing his daughter in-law and grandchild. Kiro knew that, but killed him anyways out of anger.
  • Kiro and his older brother had a serious rivalry growing up, though were still very close.

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

  • Reading
  • Tinkering
  • Making music (Various)

Two things your muse regrets:

  • Failing to protect his family
  • Not being there to raise his daughter

Two phobias your muse has:

  • Fear of being alone
  • Coulrophobia, (Fear of clowns)

Tag ten people to do the same thing:
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Joker leans on the wall, "Did you like the little song I sent you?" he grins toothily, green hair fallen slightly in front of his face. "I had a feeling you'd appreciate it." //Because I couldn't resist making a starter for the Joker's little video I sent you xD//

The Meister stared at the clown of all people greeting him outside his usual coffee place. He smirked at the other sipping his drink before shoving his free hand into his pocket, the casual look. He remembered the viral link and was somewhat curious why the clown would meet him in person because of it.

“It was something to see I will admit.. Now I’m just wondering what your motives are for visiting me in broad daylight on the Gotham streets. To brag you caught my interest?” He chuckled watching the other with mild interest.


// i really don’t find clowns scary at all… and i don’t understand how, when the truth of it is tragedy, so many fear them and instead put their work and efforts in vain when all they wanted was a little laughter and light in their horrible lives. its become a fad and, rather, the norm to be afraid of clowns for incredibly irrational reasons. times change and so does humour- the circus has died, and all we have to remember these talented and creative people by is fear. this makes me really upset and angry.

Joker laughed out insanely at his hostages. He was bored so he rounded up his boys and broke into a bank, one filled with a lot of people.

The Clown Prince Of Crime was playing quite violently today and had already shot 10 of the people in the bank, two of which were his own men.

Oh the Joker didn’t want the money, no he could care less. He just wanted blood and it showed with how he walked around and shot or stabbed anyone who did anything at all. His men broke the vault and were quickly getting the money and moving into the vans. Joker just laughed and shot three more people before the windows suddenly broken with a crash and smoke filled the bank.
“Oh who wants to guess it’s batsy!? Hehehehahahahahaha!”


  • Other people around clowns:OMG YAY SO MUCH FUN!!!!! BALLOONS AND MAGIC TRICKS YAYYY!!

Hello! Can I get shipped with Vixx and BTS please! (ignore the face paint please hahaha it’s the only decent selfie of me I have)

I’m from Colombia, South America. I was born on January 4th 2000, I’m 156 cm tall (more like short). When you first meet me I’m really shy and awkward but once I’m comfortable with you I can get really loud and talkative, I’m usually the clown who likes making people laugh (although people mostly laugh at my jokes bc they’re so terrible and lame) i can be really sarcastic… Even though i can be really immature sometimes i also know when to be mature ( i have my limits). I’m really nice and caring (at least that’s what im told hahaha) although im not the oldest one in my friend group im considered the “mom” i guess it’s bc i take care of the people i love, im okay with giving people advice and comforting them. I’m really into the arts i love listening to music and drawing i also love photography and reading, i dance ballet too. Although you’ll usually just find me in my room on my laptop hahaha. (im sorry if it was too much im really sorryyy) <3

pop-goes-your-heart Hi sweetie! Sorry it took a while!

From Vixx, I ship you with N! He’s definitely someone who’s very easygoing and is able to make you feel comfortable quick! He’d love love love how bright and outgoing and fun you are!! He’d also like the fac that he can act all silly and cute and just overall weird with you, but also talk about serious things and just be mature as well. I think he’d really want to outmom you (LOL), and establish that he’s the main mom and would be the one to take care of you lol but of course he wouldn’t complain when it’s the other way around~ Hakyeon would be so impressed at both your passion and talent for all kinds of art! You guys would definitely be that one reliable couple that everyone would go to for advice or just to hang out and have fun with!

From BTS, I ship you with Jimin! Aw I think you two would get along pretty great! He’d love how you’re just as outgoing and loud as him especially the fact that you have a great sense of humor! Honestly, you two would  be more like best friends who would be always up to no good and maybe play pranks on the members! Jimin would love how he’s able to have fun with you, no matter what you’re doing~ He’d also like the fact that you’re mature as well who knows when to be serious! He’d also be super impressed at how multi talented you are! But I can see him begging you to teach him ballet for some reason but it would only lead to him falling at trying to do a pirouette and you laughing at him and it would just lead to tickle fight and the two of you would be a laughing mess on the floor~

~Admin Oh 。◕‿◕。