There was one time when I was a kid
I hid in the circus at the age of six
Because all I remember is him following me around
A creepy clown with an upside-down frown

To say the least; this clown was not funny
It’s more amusing watching bees make honey
With his stupid flower; he squirted my eyes
He made a little boy sad; oh God why?

With his big shoes; he invaded my bubble
I swear this clown was nothing but trouble
He failed at making those animal balloons
He wrapped himself up; what a buffoon!

Watching him juggle was really a bore
He dropped all the balls right on the floor
Then on his unicycle he kept spinning around
And circling me with his upside-down frown

The worst of it all that I can recall
He mimed every move; run, stop, and crawl
Like looking into a mirror with an alien staring back
Such an invasion of privacy; I was mentally attacked

And how can so many clowns fit in a car?
What are they doing in there?; how can they get far?
Imagine being tailed by a bunch of creepy clowns
A bunch of creepy clowns with upside-down frowns

I have to say my biggest complaint
You don’t know what he’s thinking behind his face paint
He could be a murderer, a psycho, but he’ll always grin
Even while committing the most tragic of sins

But if clowns are your thing, then please no offense
Maybe you find laughter in these weird events
As for me, as you see, I really hate clowns
Especially ones with upside-down frowns

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