ask-the-ragingmother-cloverfield said:

"Kuji..? OH!" Mother looked down to see the kaiju so tiny and small curled in a ball. "Awww! Kuji, you're so cute!" ((is the m!a is going? XD))

Kuji lifted her head and squeaked at Mother. “Mama?” ((yess.. it is too cute for me to end x’D))

ask-the-ragingmother-cloverfield said:

"Nancy, I feel so saaaad" The kaiju plopped down to the ground and slumped as she gave a small croak, ignoring that she quaked the ground with her mass, "talk to me please?"

Oh, hello again.

I haven’t seen much of you these days.

*rubs the side of her neck*

Are you feeling sad?

What’s got you so down?

Size Comparison of EVERYTHING by ~Lexinator117 

1. Woman/Man
2. Krogan
3. Zealot (starcraft)
4. Elite (halo)
5. Starship Troopers Warrior Bug
6. Brute
7. Beserker (GoW)
8. Handyman
9. Hunter (halo)
10. Hydralisk
11. Elephant
12. Chocobo
13. King Kong
14. T. rex
15. Mantis (halo)
16. AT-ST
17. Rancor
18. Optimus Prime
19. Balrog
20. Treebeard
21. Elephant (halo)
22. Dragon (skyrim)
23. Brumak
24. Brachiosaurus
25. AT-AT
26. Deathwing
27. Ultralisk
28. Tripod (book size)
29. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
30. The Mayflower
31. Millennium Falcon
32. Statue of Liberty
33. Rocket and Shuttle
34. Cloverfield Monster
35. Colossal Titan
36. Scarab (halo)
37. Titanic
38. American Godzilla
39. Godzilla
40. Monsters vs. Aliens Probe
41. Reaper Destroyer

1. Blue whale
2. Normandy SR2
3. Starship Enterprise (original series)

1. Sydney Opera House
2. Great pyramid of Giza


31 days, 1 alphabet of horror tropes → G is for Gory Discretion Shot
  → A trope that describes violence not shown directly on screen. Some kind of violence, body horror or even murder is heavily implied, but the only thing that is seen is blood or body matter splattering against a window or wall. A film will also often show the aftermath of the violence or will only show the suffering through silhouettes, blood seeping out under doors, and blood splatters.

Giant monster sizechart by Jaroslav Kosmina.

In order:

Karloff - Pacific Rim
Onibaba - Pacific Rim
Hardship - Pacific Rim
Godzilla - Godzilla 1998
Otachi - Pacific Rim
Cloverfield Monster - Cloverfield
Leatherback - Pacific Rim
Mutavore - Pacific Rim
Trespasser - Pacific Rim
Knifehead - Pacific Rim
Raiju - Pacific Rim
Scunner - Pacific Rim
Sando Aqua Monster - Star Wars Episode I
Godzilla - Godzilla 2014
Slattern - Pacific Rim
Kraken - Clash of the Titans 2010

EDIT: Bigger version thanks to Captain-Raptor!


"The historic city of Gotham was extinguished by a thick fog this morning, reducing visibility to a quarter mile or less. This is serious: a dense fog advisory has been issued for all of NYC and Long Island through noon."  via