I was rereading Clover a while ago and I meant to cry about this on tumblr way sooner but. In the Dark Horse translation, one of the lines in Clover [the song] sounds a lot like what Kurogane said to Fai in the Tokyo arc. [ew sorry about the pic quality for the first one]

I mean I know the parallels between Kurofai and Clover aren’t news but I hadn’t seen this pointed out before and it reminded me of how closely intertwined they are thematically. I feel like Clover was a point in the CLAMP canon where they really nailed down some of their philosophy on love and mortality and Kurofai, and Tsubasa more generally, is a direct extension of that narrative. Loving in the face of imminent death and all that.

Not to mention Fai’s similarities with Sue and Ran. Persecuted for magic? Kept captive with a twin/double/whatever in a location where time flows unnaturally? Being trapped in general and relying on someone to take them away? CLAMP were thinking of that storyline for a loooong time, and the fact that they were repeating the same corny song lyrics six or seven years after publishing Clover says a lot about that.

missing limbs also seem to be a theme that clover embraced wholeheartedly

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also, why does wolfkin seem to be the most common and popular kintype

YKNOW idk wolves are really popular outside of otherkin too. like theres a bunch of wolf furries even before otherkin started growing more than it has. i guess it mightve existed among furries before migrating to broader scopes of interest. wolves are just a cool animal i think

Since today is World IBD Day I thought I’d take the opportunity to help spread awareness of IBD, especially since not everyone even knows of the disease, despite a lot of people being diagnosed with it.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a term mainly used to describe two conditions, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Both of these diseases are life long (chronic) conditions that involve inflammation of the gut (gastrointestinal tract). 

There is no known cure for IBD yet, but there is plenty of treatment for people to help stabilize symptoms and help put them into remission.

Read more about IBD here

For me, IBD (Ulcerative Colitis in my case) has really changed my life. It’s forced me to quit Uni, made me anxious every time I go out, but has also made me more grateful for little things in life.
IBD can be exhausting, depressing, embaressing, painful, and the best way to describe it - shitty.

IBD isn’t life threatening, but can sometimes lead to life threatening situations. t can also cause other problems, such as anaemia, swollen joints/arthritis, osteoporosis, eye, skin & liver problems, and Overwhelming fatigue.

It can be incredibly hard to live with, and it can really take your life away on bad days.

If anyone wants to ever talk to me or ask me questions about IBD, feel free to send me a message here. Let me know if you want it to be private or not.

You can also read through my UC tag for my personal IBD related posts.I wanted to draw something for this, and couldn’t think of anything better than a purple pony from (almost) all the generations of MLP. I drew them all wearing a purple ribbon, and of course I chose a purple pony again because of the awareness colour of IBD. From left to right; (Tales) Clover, (G2) Sweetberry, (G3) Twinkle Twirl, (G4) Twilight Sparkle. Also I know Sweetberry looks more pink but she’s actually purple, it’s just a bit of a weird illusion. XD(sorry for long post)