So my Zero Escape charms are finally done! They’re double-sided too; the B-sides are under the cut. (beware of 999 and VLR spoilers though!) I also put them up on RB as sticker sets B>


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I started sketching out a delivery for another request, but then I started…doodling this really silly-looking Clover, haha.

I don’t usually draw things like this that often, but the idea of a tiny Clover jumping up and down, cheering, “BAD END! BAD END!” made me smirk.

…I should do something similar for every bad ending in 999.
So that’s what, drawing a super-deformed Ace being and looking dastardly how many times?

kiniyakkii asked:

so, since tsubasa is the clamp-verse crossover galore, do you have any characters that you really want to see show up?

Oh this is a really good question! I’ve thought about this a lot in my spare time, and pretty much any crossover is a good crossover, but off the top of my head I think the people I most want the TRC family to meet would be people like Tomoyo (which I’m 100% sure actually happens anyway, so this is good with me) and other people from CCS (though we already have Toya and Yukito, so I’m actually pretty satisfied on that front). 

I would love for a few more X/1999 characters to show up, but preferably in non-heartbreaking ways? For example Subaru is precious and I feel like he would have some pretty good AU options, but if that also comes with Seishirou showing up and extended suffering on Subaru’s behalf then I would just feel bad all over again. I think I would really love to see the Magic Knight Rayearth girls again, but with both Mokona and the Kudan thing so prominent at the start of the plot I feel it would be quite unlikely. I would also LOVE to see Kero or Yue or any of the cards from CCS, but again, I suspect that they might be world specific, so I’m not really hopeful for that option.

I’m kind of interested in whether or not characters that die in one universe are considered dead in every universe. Like we know for a fact that Clow Reed is dead in both CCS and in TRC!Sakura’s homeworld, but does that every incarnation of Clow is dead? Do they share the same fate, or are there still versions of Clow out there screwing with everything and being a troll in general? That’d be interesting to see. Alternate versions of Yuko might be even more fun, now that I think about it. 

Actually if any of the TRC family ran into alternate versions of themselves I would be ridiculously happy. I absolutely want to explore things like how growing up in different worlds makes them different, but also how they’re essentially the same person at their core. There are so many options there. What if they ran into AU!Not-a-ninja-at-all Kurogane, and how would TRC!Kurogane react? Or an AU!Fai that was completely serious and never told any jokes? Or AU!Syaoran and Sakura that were totally together and would that trigger anything in Sakura’s memory? Would Syaoran say anything? Oh god he would be miserable. I kind of want to see it. Oh, or if they ran into any AU!versions of themselves that were EVIL?


San Japan would like to welcome our next guest Japanese Anime Producer Yuji Matsukura for our 2015 convention.

After graduating from the Yoyogi Animation School in Osaka in 1992, Yuji Matsukura joined J.C.STAFF. He quickly emerged from the ranks of his field and become one of the best known producers of J.C.STAFF which is unusual for most animators in their early twenties. He has produced a countless number of OAVs and dozens of anime series to credit including: Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie, Azumanga Daioh, Ai Yori Aoshi (TV), His and Her Circumstances (TV), Cat Soup (OAV), Excel Saga (TV), Ikki Tousen (TV), Nodame Cantabile (TV), Slayers Revolution (TV), Toradora! (TV), Love Stage!! (TV), Honey and Clover (TV), R.O.D. -The TV-, Hayate the Combat Butler!!, Shakugan no Shana, Witch Craft Works (TV), Anime Mirai 2015, and much more!