The sky was clear, weather hot, I distinctively remember it feeling as if it was draining my energy. I sat in the bed closest to the window, looking outside. I never was given a chance to be someone, I was never given the right to be a member of this society. My heart aches as I watch a couple kiss at the park across the street from my bed. I wish I could have found the love of my life, the one to hold my hand through better or worse. I’m alone, I have been most of my life. The one in the bed next to me has been coughing non-stop. It’s almost soothing, for no one could hear the quickening drops in the machine recording. I felt myself relax into the reality that I would no longer be alive.

The finished version of: 

With the paragraph I wrote on him included!!

The oc and the paragraph are both written by me, ahh, hopefully I’ll be able to do more in the future. 

Your name is YALGAR WISSAR and today is the day you get drawn correctly.

You have a variety of interests, none of them are fighting or the sorts. No, you have a deep love for READING and POETRY, mostly SLAM POETRY and that’s why you make everything you say HARD TO UNDERSTAND because it helps you EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS. 

your chumhandle is nauticalConfessional [ NC ] and you talk quietly like this because you could be screaming on the inside.

Oc art of oc in hero mode.