Hello everyone!

I would like to share my current outfit with all of you :)

List of items:

  • Eye  of Flame
  • Ichor-Dripping Shoulderpads (heroic)
  • Elegant Robes
  • Runed Spell-Cuffs
  • Conjurer’s Gloves
  • Sash of the Last Guardian
  • Key of the Planes

As for Main Hand and Off Hand i would suggest:

  • Hammer of the Astral Plane or Blade of Tarasque
  • Scroll of Whispered Secrets

Ponies in Clothies, part 2.  This time featuring the ever-dapper Gentleman Adventurer, Techno, and official Best Twat™, Joen.  Two extremes on opposite ends of the gentlemanly behavior scale, but both look pretty good in suits, even when they’re dirty and unshaven.




Pfft… I just realized I unwittingly channeled Gumshoe when I was drawing Joen.  Not intentional, but whatever.  Gumshoe is awesome.


So, TechnoMod and I were chatting.

Over the course of a varied and progressively silly conversation, we came up with the idea of a fun Alternate Universe in a 1920s Noir setting.  I absolutely love the Noir genre, so I’m just all over this idea.  :3

A veteran of the war; she’s become jaded and bitter toward the kingdom after getting tossed to the curb with nothing to show but scars.  As a means of surviving and snubbing her nose at the crown, Merri opened up a cafe… which serves as a front for the speakeasy hidden in the basement below.  She’s now the den mother of the best kept-well known secret watering hole in Manehattan: a classy spot for the rich and lowly alike.  Everyone who walks through her doors are equal and know not to cause any trouble.  If not for the constant presence of the mafia who back the bar, then for Merriweather herself, who won’t so much as ruffle her silks and coiffure even as she puts somepony through a wall.

Meadow Lark:
Originally one of the many orphans and urchins that fill Manehattan’s streets, Meadow Lark was found squatting in the basement area of Merriweather’s property.  Rather than throw him out, Merriweather unofficially adopted him.  Thrilled to have a family, home, steady diet, and nice clothes for once in his life, Meadow Lark now acts as an information runner for the speakeasy.  There’s no other colt in Manehattan who knows the streets like he does, making him the perfect Pony for the job.

China Saucer:
China originally met Merriweather while she was serving as a nurse in the war.  As an immigrant from Chineigh, she hasn’t had an easy time finding a place for herself in Equestria.  Once the war was over, she looked up her old friend and threw in her lot underground as both an entertainer for the speakeasy.  At least, that’s the cover story the FBI gave her in order to keep her actual identity hidden.

Techno Wizard:
Anyone who spots the friendly old gentleman on the street thinks nothing of him.  A smiling chap in a younger man’s suit.  Perfectly harmless and forgettable, which is exactly the image Techno has crafted for himself.  Already a rogue since his younger days, Techno dodged the draft and continued to make trouble as a career criminal, setting up elaborate robberies, cracking bank safes, and otherwise being a remarkable scoundrel the police have no idea how to capture.  The speakeasy is his favorite haunt to lay low, have a drink, and fence his ill-gotten goods.  Since he always makes sure to provide a nice chunk of change to support the business, he and Merriweather are fast friends, and the mafia owes him a few favors.

Young, ambitious, and too curious for his own good.  Penwright is an aspiring journalist looking to make a name for himself by infiltrating the criminal underbelly of Manehattan.  His research leads him to the speakeasy and gets him all caught up in the less-than-savory events that transpire there, running the risk of his headline becoming nothing more than a mention on the obituaries page.

Mr. Teabiscuits: 
Despite all appearances, Mr. Teasbiscuits is not a Pony anyone in Manehattan would dare cross.  He stands at the head of the largest criminal organization in all of the city and is the single most influential mafia lord in recent history.  Widely considered untouchable by fellow criminals and police alike, he’s the backer behind Merriweather’s whole project.  Naturally there’s always a reserved booth for him in the speakeasy where he can relax, enjoy a drink, and orchestrate his criminal empire in peace.

Teabiscuits’ grandson isn’t quite cut out to inherit the family business,  but that doesn’t keep him from being a part of it.  While fearful for the position his grandfather has placed himself in, Mumbles serves as a loyal bodyguard for the diminutive mafia boss.  Despite a less-than-threatening demeanor, many would-be challengers have found themselves broken on the floor after trying to go hoof-to-hoof with the unexpectedly violent bruiser.  As much as he hates to admit it, the hardest part isn’t putting himself into fights so much as it is knowing when to stop…


Just a bit of crossover silliness from over on the Mod Blog.  Figured I’d repost here because, hey, why not?  :3  Enjoy a little filler while I work on the next update.

Crossovers include: Sherlock, Terminator 2, Legend of Korra, Twin Peaks, Gravity Falls, and Merri with the Mane 6’s hair styles for fun.