Plot Twist.

Developed a clot while not pregnant.

My disease is the problem. Not my fertility, not my pregnancies, not my children.

Everyone can stop suggesting sterilization and abortion now. These past few weeks after delivery I have watched the words “You shouldn’t have any more kids,” fall from the lips of nearly every person I know.

My disease is fatal.

The next plot twist will be me living a long and wonderful life and dying of something completely unrelated to my disease; like old age.

But for now, pray for me. I’m on medication to prevent clotting and yet I have developed another.

"That’s terrible, I’m sorry," I keep hearing. Why are you sorry for me? Clearly it’s just misunderstood a super power. In the event I am shot or stabbed while not on medication, I would clot quickly and not bleed. Unfortunately, my career choice in not vigilante.

But no seriously many others have it much worse then I do, and honestly I just tell everyone with a smirk on face, “I have a beautiful family, many talents and worldly intelligence, a beautiful form and good sense humor. I can’t have good health too, that would just be unfair (this is a prideful joke, please insert your laugh here.)”

I haven’t forgot that my disease is fatal, but for some reason I’m constantly reminded. It isn’t that I don’t “take it seriously”, it’s that I’m a Catholic woman, and have no reason to fear death! To I treasure my life that God has so lovingly given me? Absolutely! God has truly gifted me over and over even though over and over I have offended Him. Sometimes I look at my life and think truly I deserve to be like Job.

"Janelle, you’re not a cat, you realize you don’t have 9 lives," says my physician, in which I just reply, "Meow."

This is what snake venom does to your blood

You really have to see it to believe it. The venom here is from the Russell’s Viper and it only took one drop and a matter of seconds to clot a petri-dish-amount of blood. Inside the venom are numerous toxins and in this case the toxins are activating the blood platelets clotting mechanism (thrombosis) which turns the blood in to a pile of jelly essentially. Symptoms of this venom include swelling at the site of the bite and other areas like the eyelids and because there is less blood circulation, the victim will feel general weakness among other horrible things. A lethal dose for humans is about 40-70mg and each adult viper yields up to 130-250mg. This viper is pretty dangerous, but not-surprisingly there are plenty of other snakes that could kill you even faster like the Inland Taipan snake for example.