There Are Places I Remember: A Fanmix for When Makoto Leaves for Tokyo


:: a makoharu fanmix for when makoto leaves iwatobi. some farewell songs, some songs of love, some songs of hope, some songs of home ::


01 Pure and Simple - Lightning Seeds | 02 Christmas TV - Slow Club | 03 Tomorrow Will Be Kinder - The Secret Sisters | 04 There Are Places I Remember - The Beatles | 05 Joy - Iron and Wine | 06 Saving Grace - Pete Murray | 07 VCR - The XX | 08 Do You Remember - Jack Johnson | 09 Yellow - Coldplay | 10 Wish I - Jem 

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The reality is that there is no replacement for external, impartial, evaluative achievement data. In fact, the very reason we talk so much about the “achievement gap” today, and the reason that we are so focused on how best to close that gap—through a combination of educational and social services—is because of the hard facts that our current crop of state standardized tests has provided.
I fear that one day our distance will punish us more than it already has. One day I’ll forget the warmth of your hands and you’ll forget the colour of my eyes and our memories of each other will fade away. I pray that never happens.
—  Distance, T.A

throughout the interview, changmin was constantly comparing yunho's gross domestic habits to the mc's newly wedded husband's (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

How dare the Abbott government do this! The health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples is wide and far from being closed. This will ultimately make it harder for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to access healthcare facilities. I have one question for the current government… How is this Closing the Gap? 

This is what I woke up to this morning. (sorry for the messy hair, this is taken right after I woke up)
The thigh gap is gone. My thighs touch. One of the things I’ve based my self worth on has disappeared, and I couldn’t care less. I freaked out when I saw it, and didn’t feel like having breakfast at all. But instead of restricting, I sat down and wrote up a list of why I deserve food and why I should love myself. It doesn’t matter whether you have a gap between your thighs or not. Your ED is the only one who cares more about the size of your jeans than the size of your heart.

I feel like Abbott’s focus on dragging Indigenous children to school kicking and screaming and adding copious amounts of anti-truancy laws is a bit of a slap in the face to Indigenous families as Christopher Pyne constantly wails about the Australian education system focusing too much on Indigenous history. According to Pyne, history curriculums are too focused on Indigenous history and culture, and somewhat demonise our great colonial history.

How dare white history be painted in a terrible way? How dare children grow up knowing that white settlers flailed into a land inhabited by the oldest people on the world and proceeded to senselessly massacre a people whose culture and ancestors date back 60,000 years? How dare we face the fact that we literally had laws in place to let the oldest and richest culture in the world die out?

No; children will grow up without a sense of patriotism.

So yes, Christopher Pyne, lets reduce the already minuscule Indigenous education in our schools and then drag Indigenous children to their schools kicking and screaming to learn about white history. Their parents were stolen from their parents, as their new abusive foster families worked on making them white, taking them to Church and some scrubbing their foster children’s skin till it was red raw.

You and Abbott are going to stamp out a 60,000 year old culture, masking it as ‘closing the gap.’ And you’re going to do it by altering the Australian history curriculum and subsequently dragging Indigenous children to learn your language and your version of history.

"There can be a fine line between good intentions and ‘we know better’ paternalism" —Bill Shorten

General Motors announced today that it’s naming Mary Barra as its first ever female CEO. Barra, 51, is a Detroit native and has been with GM since she was 18. She holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA from Stanford. She’s the first female CEO among major automakers and is living proof that talent and hard work can pay off. 

A Changed Woman - Ashley & Ryan

Ryan sat in the back of her taxi with her hands in her lap as she looked out the window at the familiar city streets. After six of the hardest months Ryan had ever experienced, she was finally clean, and on her way home. She was excited to her her family again, but mostly she wanted to see her girl again. The thought of seeing Ashley again was the make thing that kept Ryan going through these past view months. She was afraid that the girl would have had enough time to get over her, or meet someone new who was better for her, but even during the hard times, Ryan’s love for the singer never faltered. Just thinking about it are Ryan sit up a bit more. “Can you actually take me to Ellen’s Stardust Dinner?” She asked the driver who nodded and smiled.”You sick of that hospital food?” Ryan smiled and nodded, before going back to looking out the window. 

They got to the diner and Ryan got out took her stuff and paid the driver before walked into the diner. She was hoping that Ashley still worked there. She had no idea how these past six months had been for Ashely, because she wasn’t allowed contact with the outside world during her treatment. She looked around and spotted a young girl in the work uniform. Ryan swallowed and walk up to the girl. “Excuse me.. Does Ashley Smith still work here?” The girl nodded. “Yep, she’s in the back do you want me to get her for you?” Ryan nodded. “Please.”  She girl smiled. “Okay, I’ll go get her.”

Bennett smiled knowing who the girl with the bags was. She had seen Pictures of Ashley and her girlfriend Ryan before and she knew that Ashley would be happy to see the girl again. She made her way to the staff room where Ashley was on her brake. She opened the door and poked her head in. “Hey Ash, there is a pretty girl out front asking for you.”