"A Coy Smile" - Digital Oil Painting

I imagine Rumple taking Belle somewhere sunny on their honeymoon, or just a random trip for fun, and at one point, she takes off her sunglasses and gives him this smile.

"Rumple, I think I’m getting a bit too much sun. Shall we go back up?"

And he takes great pleasure in making sure the sun doesn’t come close to touching his wife’s skin for the rest of the weekend as they hole up in their fancy hotel room.

Eventually, he comes to realize what this smile means all on its own, without her hints. It becomes one of his very favorite smiles. Of course.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


( EMILY. )

   a single paper rested on her kitchen’s wooden
   countertop, the well-written page previously
   read with as much attention as she’d manage
   to have contained one particular information
   needed to give the great news to the easiest
   choice of employee she’d ever had to make.


                                     ❛ emily    emily fields? i’m calling
                                       about the job interview i did with
                                       you last week        i’m so sorry it
                                       took so long to get back at you. ❜

- ONE Normily pic! Is that too much to ask?! Ugh. Just freakin’ ONE.

- Close up of Emily or front picture. Want to see that dress up close!

- I need a word with MMB’s stylist

- ANDY LOOKS 20 lol.

- I don’t know what’s going with Norman’s hair? His suit is fab tho


Shit went down in Revenge

Emily finally told Charlotte the truth and I knew she wouldn’t take it well but God damn, trying to burn her alive is a bit much. Fuck. But she is an unstable drug addict so..

Nolan was perf..

The whole David Clarke and Victoria thing angered me. Seriously he cared more about her than his own daughter it seems and he DOESNT RECOGNIZE his own daughter! Really. Hopefully when he gets up close he realizes who Emily really is. I need that reunion so bad! And David being manipulated into ruining Emily-his own daughter- I saw that coming. She is the queen of playing the victim.