The thing that entertains me the most about trolls/shitlords who spend copious amounts of time hating fat people - they ALWAYS exaggerate everything.

You know that whole, “OOOHH, enjoy dying in 5 years from diabetes and a heartattack lol’.  cause ya know, there’s no fat folk over 30 years old.  oh wait

I just got one of them who tried to proclaim that my ‘breadloaf feet’ were so fat that I couldn’t wear regular shoes and had to wear bedroom slippers.  I mean..despite the fact that ALL of my other ootds I’m wearing typical shoes, they don’t even know the difference between a ‘bedroom slipper’ and a..slipper clog that has durable soles so they’re fine to wear outside.

Let me just tell you all that these things are the comfiest shit ever and keep your feet all cozy and warm when it’s cold as fuck outside.  You want your feet to thank you while you’re out and about?  You put these on your feets.  If you have eczema on your feet (like me) and it doesn’t particularly like traditional shoes..this is a great alternative.  Are they the most fashionable thing I’ve ever worn? Nah, but I really don’t care.  I was just introduced to the majesty that are slippers you can wear everywhere and I have no regrets.  

If you have a horribly pissy, bitter attitude towards complete strangers who you probably stalk then perhaps your quality of life would improve with some cozier footwear.